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Sneak peak of innovative products at Convergence India 2018 expo / IoT India 2018

New Delhi 8 March 2018: In addition to the conferences, workshops and networking events inside 26th Convergence India 2018 expo/ 2nd Internet of Things India 2018 expo, one of the most anticipated parts is the new innovative products installed in a life-like environment. This is where these products rise to the top and be in the spotlight.

This year connected devices took center stage for much of the show, which is certainly understandable considering all the disruption sweeping across different sectors right now. Here are a few of the picks, though in no particular order:

Connected Bike Solution from Aeris
Aeris launched a solution that can turn bikes into connected vehicles at the ongoing IoT India 2018 expo. The connected bike solution is designed to promote safe riding habits. It also can be used to pinpoint the location of a crash victim so that emergency services are initiated without any delay.  The solution aims to keep bikes safe by reporting a location in real time. Additionally, the bike owner can immobilise the bike remotely in case of theft. When fitted on a bike or a two-wheeler, the solution will generate a data stream that can help the bike owner track the bike, figure out the location, provide a maintenance schedule, see speeding alerts, and get alerts when the bike enters or leaves a specified area (geo-fencing). The solution can also help service firms that own or run large bike fleets. It helps maintain the fleet efficiently while keeping track of bike usage. Apart from individual owners and service firms, insurance firms can make use of the data from bikes to decide on premiums while offering incentives to bike owners to ride in compliance with traffic norms.

Arya: The Lovable Tea Making Robot
Arya, the personal tea making robot was launched at the IoT India 2018 expo. Arya is the world’s first tea making robot that uses fresh ingredients to make your custom tea. You can make your own recipe online from your phone or a computer at Evidently tea brewing is a very personal thing, and everybody has their own preference. So, with Arya, you can get creative with the many flavours of tea by modifying your recipe from your phone. Arya can make tea using ingredients like adarak (ginger), elaichi (cardamom), saunf (fennel), dalchini (cinnamon), chai masala,long (cloves),  kahwa, milk, sugar and water. All you have to do is choose the exact amount of ingredients you prefer, and leave the rest to Arya. One can also talk to Arya by simply saying, “Hi Arya! Make me my favourite cup of tea.” And your tea is made with your precise flavor as Arya is programmed to remember your perfect tea recipe.
HiArya, the startup that promises its robot makes the perfect cup of tea every time has already taken on the brewed beverage technology space with its next generation smart home product, integrated with Google Assistant, video streaming and natural language processing. Arya is built on a propriety KernelCloud technology which will allow the robot to update new skills. With Google Assistant integration, Arya is enabled with 1000s of skills for home automation.

Soulfit Sonic
Soulfit Sonic is a talkband with a purpose. Marking a distinct cutting edge in the wearables market, it stands out with its detachable Bluetooth screen, serving a dual purpose of activity tracking and handsfree calling. Soulfit is on a mission to motivate all of its patrons to improve their health and fitness goal by tracking their daily activities, sleep, performance, and monitoring the all-vital heart rate and blood pressure.
The band is equipped with basic fitness metrics which include steps taken, calories burned, active minutes and distance travelled via the in-built pedometer. To help you stay active throughout the day, you get notifications on the go!
The Soulfit Sonic’s low power sensors monitor your body, even when you are asleep. You get bed time alerts, based on your personalised sleep goals. The alarm clock wakes you up with its silent vibration in sync with your fitness goals. The ideal combination for your busy and healthy lives, you can ‘talk as you walk’ with the handsfree calling, letting you to track fitness and attend calls. You no longer need to hold your phone at all times! Focus on enjoying your health!
To improve your exercise routine further, the smartwatch has the heart rate monitor! State-of-the-art bio sensors from OSRAM permits to accurately measure the heart rate at all times. All information can be seen in infographics and reports on the smart phone app. The gadget is fueled by the phone tracking feature that conveniently assists you to locate your phone during the SOS situations. Lastly, with the remote camera shoot, you can also snap the photos on your smartphone with a touch on the screen. Didn’t we say the smartwatch could do more than just improve your health! To get started, all you need to do is download the HBand App (Android & IOS) and strap your band on the wrist. With a simple sign up, the data on the device can be synced to the app. The band is

JOAN Executive
JOAN originates from Slovenia, and is a highly recommended device for corporates to enhance efficiency and productivity in their multiple meeting rooms. JOAN was launched by Ceeco, a trusted name in AV, IT and system integration solutions at Convergence India 2018 expo. JOAN manages millions of meeting rooms around the world as it's easy to install and even easier to use. You get an all-in-one scheduling solution that includes everything you need to get started. You get a JOAN room display and the software that connects to your calendar to sync real-time schedule updates.
All you need to do is connect your JOAN room display to your calendar and Wi-Fi, and use your Cloud service or host devices on your own premises. JOAN is the best choice for companies that demand enterprise security.

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