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Philips Lighting launches new ad campaign‘Old bulb ko no, Philips TBulb lo’ to launch its T Bulb in India

Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced the launch of its ‘Old bulb ko no, Philips TBulb lo’ advertising campaign to unveil its latest product called ‘T Bulb’ in India. The campaign seeks to highlight the unique features of this innovative T shaped bulb, a first of its kind product in the Indian market that will redefine the category of round bulbs.

The new Philips T Bulb offers a wider light throw compared to a regular LED bulb and can be installed in an existing LED bulb socket. It offers a unique aesthetic shape and a modular angular neck, while retaining the ease of replacement of a conventional bulb.

Featuring an ad film conceived by Ogilvy India, the campaign seeks to rejuvenate a low involvement category where purchase decisions are done more by rote than anything else. Through this innovative ad, Philips Lighting urges consumers to break the monotony of old habits and demand more from their light bulb by asking for the new Philips T Bulb. This thought came together in the slogan: ‘Old bulb ko no, Philips T-bulb lo’.

India is one of the biggest open socket markets in the world, with consumers using at least one tube light and bulb to illuminate a room in their household. However, with ever increasing urbanization and growing space constraints, Philips Lighting realized that conventional lighting products like tubelights and bulbs may no longer be the best illumination solutions for consumers today. While tubelights require a wider installation space, round bulbs only offer localizedillumination that is not sufficient to illuminate a room adequately.To address this conundrum, Philips Lighting introduced an innovative solution in the form of the Philips T Bulb.

“The new campaign is a significant step forward in our LED differentiation and leadership journey. With increasing LED penetration and adoption, consumers in non-metro smaller towns of Indiaare aware of the benefits offered byLED bulbs and yet they seek improved aesthetics and higher light outputthat is currently only offered by luminaires.They are a progressive lot who are moving ahead with the times and seek something ‘new’ in their everyday lives. This is the insight reflected in the slogan ‘Old bulb ko no, Philips TBulb lo’, brought alive by our creative partner Ogilvy India in an interesting fashion that will break the clutter in the sea of same looking bulbs” said Ipshita Chowdhury, Director, Marketing Communications.

Talking about the idea behind the ad, Ajay Gahlaut – Dep. CCO, Ogilvy India said “A bulb is a bulb is a bulb and buying one is more or less a mindless act for consumers.We wanted to shake people out of this rather mechanical act by showcasing the many innovative features of the new Philips Tbulb. We executed this with the creative device of the robotic danceand a aesthetic treatment reflecting the bygone era of old bulbs!”
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