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Maharaja Whiteline launches Atlanto Protect Air Cooler, innovative technology to combat hot summer and mosquitoes- A General Review

Scorching heat and the bane of mosquitoes are the biggest worries during summers. Maharaja Whiteline, the home-and-kitchen-appliance leader and flagship of Groupe SEB India presents Atlanto Protect air cooler, a perfect solution to this scourge. Atlanto Protect not only ensures efficient cooling but is also 2X more effective on mosquitoes* with its pioneering anti-mosquito chamber (patent under process) and superior air delivery.

The latest in air-cooling solutions from Maharaja Whiteline, Atlanto Protect’ s unique technology allows protection from the world’s deadliest animal – the mosquito, cause for the highest number of vector-borne diseases. The technology enhances the air cooler with features such as:

·         Anti-mosquito technology: The innovative Anti-Mosquito chamber (Patent under process) fitted on top of the air cooler disperses mosquito repellent effectively making the area mosquito free and thus contributing to your holistic health regimen.
·         2X more effective*: With almost half the consumption of the repellent, the anti-mosquito chamber is twice more effective as compared to traditional methods, courtesy, wide and fast diffusion through the strong air flow.
·         The anti-mosquito repellent chamber is compatible with most refills available in the market. The chamber is user-friendly in design making it easy to install, replace or refill.

Considering that diseases spread by mosquitoes (dengue, chikungunya etc) return every summer and monsoon to wreak havoc, Atlanto Protect strikes at the heart of the malaise.

Ms. Florence Tardy, VP-Marketing, Groupe SEB India, said: Maharaja Whiteline’s leadership position hinges on the brand’s value-for-money identity. Innovation that brings tremendous results, is at the core of our differentiating proposition.  Atlanto Protect’s anti-mosquito capability showcases Groupe SEB’s ability to address the discerning consumer’s needs of health and easy living, alongside comfort. Maharaja Whiteline has transitioned to a brand whose popularity rests on introduction of products with unique technologies across categories, innovative features, superlative after-sales service, and of course, not just looks but quality too.”

Along with unique anti-mosquito capabilities, the Atlanto Protect has a coverage area of 600sq. ft. and is packed with features such as high air-delivery, stronger air throw, 4-way air deflection, large water tank to reduce refill needs and, wheels for easy mobility to mention a few.

Notwithstanding anti-mosquito Atlanto Protect, the Atlanto series of air coolers is already popular with Atlanto+ and Atlanto, known for their design, cooling efficiency and durability.
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