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"LANGUAGE" now no longer is a barrier.

The biggest communication gap between the people all around the world is due to different languages,which do not allow the peoples to communicate easily.

Throw out your phrasebook and delete that app; these earbuds could be the ultimate language travelling companion of the future as they aim to translate into your ear in real time.

But now those days are gone,behold the new earphone which act as a universal language converter and can instantly translate from one language to another.

One of such earphones is the "Dash pro"

The Dash Pro wireless earphones from Bragi are the latest generation of intelligent audio technology but come with one huge advantage for world travellers; it can translate 40 languages in real time courtesy of the iTranslate app. As well as enabling you to understand the person, with the use of your phone – or another pair of earbuds – the other person will also be able to understand you.

The language translator is not the only feature in the Dash Pro earbuds that might be of interest to travellers. The earbuds themselves have 4GB of space and works as a standalone device, meaning you can leave your smartphone safely in your room while still listening to your holiday

And guess what its also waterproof so you can use it even while swimming.

So what are you waiting for just put up the earphone and get ready to travel the world.

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