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iOS users can now try Google Lens

Google Lens made it's debut in October last year for the first time. Google Pixel and Pixel XL were the first devices to get this feature. 

You can get information literally about anything like landscapes, places, shows, artists and much more. All this with a snap. The Android version of this urges you to capture the subject you want to get information about through lens. 

All you have to do is open the app and focus the lens on your subject to scan it. It shows information, history, reviews, suggestions and all. The database is continuously updated from the moment the feature surfaced. Android users already have it through Google photos app.

Now, iOS users can use this over few weeks through Google Photos app too. You must have the latest version of Google photos app for this to work. You should update it to either V3.15  or more. So, get the latest Google Photos app for iOS here.

This is how iOS users can use Google Lens. Make sure you have the latest version of Google photos. Open a photo in it and on the bottom, you will find a Lens icon. Now, click on it and you'll see all related and possible information about the snap you have opened. 

For example, A Mercedes Benz S class car's snap will give you all the info you can find about it on web right there. Or you can also try scanning your pet to know about it's breed, habits, life expectancy and other information.      

This is an interesting feature to try out if you're a curious con or a travel todd. This is really helpful plus you get to learn about everything you look at. So, have fun!

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