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Get iPhone for Rs. 999 Under Corporate Lease Plan

The Cupertino-based smartphone maker, Apple, is out with an attractive offer of leasing the iPhone SE to Indian corporates for Rs. 999 a month for two years.


Apple has also offered this offer for its existing phones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, on leasing plans for two years at Rs 1,199 and Rs 1,399 a month, respectively.

Corporate users can, at anytime, move from one iPhone to another, and pay the change in monthly fee as per the model.

Apple, is not targeting retail customers, but also wants corporate to use it on lease. Corporate users are getting the iPhone for Rs. 999 per month for a lease of two years, which add up to a total of Rs. 23,976. Other iPhone and iPad models are available as part of the lease program as well, which is only available to corporates and not directly to individuals.

iPhone Model
 Total Lease cost                 (for 2 years)

Cost in India
iPhone SE
Rs. 23,976
Rs. 39,000
iPhone 6
Rs. 28,776
Rs. 52,000
iPhone 6s
Rs. 33,576
Rs. 62,000

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