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Amazon Alexa gets one of its most-useful update since it launched

A few days after it was reported that Amazon’s voice assistant Alexawas randomly laughing, the e-commerce giant has rolled out a new feature. The feature doesn’t fix that bug but makes Alexa’s life simpler. The new feature adds the ability to listen to back-to-back commands on the Echo speaker.

For this, one needs to switch on Alexa’s ‘follow up mode’ and give multiple commands. What this means that one doesn’t have to wake up the speaker by saying “Hey, Alexa. To ensure that the speaker is listening one just has to check whether the blue indicator is on.

However, if you’re listening to music or playing audiobooks, the speaker will not wait for a follow up. As is the case with smart speakers, one has to be clearly audible for Alexa to respond. Another way to ensure that Alexa doesn’t think follow-up commands are being issued is to say “stop”, “thank you” or “go to sleep” to end the conversation.

Earlier this week, Amazon’s Alexa had randomly started to get into laughing fits. Several users took to Twitter and reported how spooked they were with the “creepy laughter.” The latest glitch came days after several users in the US had reported that Alexa had lost its voice on Amazon smart speakers. Amazon later told media in a statement that the outbursts are due to its smart speakers hearing accidental orders. "In rare circumstances, Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase 'Alexa, laugh.'

While the laughter glitch is still being worked on, the new follow-up feature is a welcome addition to the Echo. Alexa, just got smarter.
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