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Technology that redefines the future~ Technology from LG

All human endeavors are envisioned towards bringing a life of convenience and practicality. Technological innovations have caught gear and are surging ahead to deliver impressive performances. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a yearly tech extravanganza that showcases the best of tech innovations and elegant designs. It is a great platform which gives a peek into the future of technology and how it will provide solutions to improve the human condition. Tedious chores of the past, can now be performed by intuitive and interactive tech products with great precision and ease. The modern ‘smart home’ is a place where many user-friendly smart technologies will come together and manage core activities with great efficiency. Smart assistants will be seen dominatibg the future scenarios everywhere.
New paradigms in innovation technology have led to the development of novel concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants, Voice Recognition Feature, Gesture Controls and Smart Security Solutions to name just a few. LG is a formidable brand in the tech innovation space and has played a pioneering role in developing many breakthroughs. LG’s innovations unveiled at CES 2018 include a range of futuristic technologies that will assist humans across key activities.
LG home appliances and home entertainment products will come equipped with LG ThinQ Artificial Intelligence (AI), including the first TVs with the Google Assistant built-in, such as in LG SIGNATURE AI OLED TV W8 featuring ThinQ. The LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator offers a streamlined food management system through LG’s webOS platform and Amazon Alexa integration that makes shopping for groceries, playing music, checking the weather and managing calendar simple. 
Smart ThinQ feature allows the implementation of hundreds of voice requests, utilizing the company’s own open smart platform as well as third-party AI services. While the OLED TV is a design marvel with its ‘picture on glass’ feature, the InstaView refrigerator comes with a mirrored glass panel allowing easy access to frequently used items and ability to see inside without opening the appliance. 
LG’s 4K UHD projector brings a promise of great cinematic experience by delivering ultra-sharp video and home cinema experience in a compact, beautiful design. LG Open Frame OLED displays for business-to-business applications are set to offer a truly customizable approach, that is both a work of art and a functional digital signage.
One of the best developments in AI is the the voice activated virtual assistant. Users of smartphones are increasingly using digital assistants in their smartphones functions, which has opened the potential for a hands-free interfacing revolution. LG latest V30+ smartphone is smart technology offering with a FullVision Display and multimedia capabilities, and has carved a new dimension of futuristic technology. LG has also recently introduced three new concept LG Robots at CES 2018, specifically developed for commercial use at hotels, airports and supermarket and represent its commitment towards expanding breakthroughs in robotics technology.
With smart home technology becoming a reality, consumers are excited to upgrade their home ecosystems to become smarter and more interactive. These innovative, highly-capable products are ready to organize every facet of the modern ways of life in the coming future.

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