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Showcase your love Loud and Proud with tech gifts this Valantine Season

Valentine’s Day can be tricky, to say the least. But this time when cupid is just around the corner, bury the thoughts of buying cliché gifts and pick something more lasting than roses or candles.
While you indulge in getting up cozy to watch movies at home, play some VR games or stare into each other’s eyes, what you also need is to keep this entertainment alive at all times. What better than to pick from a carefully curated list of something stylish and chic gifts for your partner.
So set the bar high and surprise your partner with this Valentine’s Day!

1. Keep tabs on literally everything with a Tile tracker
If your boo keeps losing track of all their stuff, then a Tile tracker is exactly what they need. Loop one through your keychain, slip it into your wallet, or even stick one on your laptop and use the app on your phone to keep track of everything at minimal cost of Rs 190/-

2. Groove together on loud music with a PTron Bluetooth speaker
With the PTron Sonor Bluetooth speaker, your music is literally at your fingertips and that loud and sharp. The touch controls make for a sleek design and since it's portable, your "Let's Get It On" playlist can play wherever you are. Get hold of this party speaker at an attractive price of Rs 999/-

3. Stay connected with an Anker power bank
Give your partner the gift of never running out of battery so you two can be always connected-either through smartphone, music device or anything that keeps your love alive. This compact, candy bar sized power bank can provide a charge for any of your USB devices and even uses PowerIQ technology to detect the best output to use to charge your device the fastest at a cost of Rs 1,999/-

4. Get set Fit together with a MI fitness band
MI fitness bands are a great choice as gifts. Not only are they available in a plethora of options from funky colors to displays and prices, but also serve as a cool piece of tech to keep your partner healthy. If your partner is someone who is a health freak, they would appreciate this gift even more. If both of you are stuck on the thought to start being healthy, this can be a good way to ignite the love through some exercising together. Available at an affordable price of Rs 1000/-

5. Drive together in the world of your own with Samsung Gear virtual reality headset
Samsung Gear VR headset is cheap thrills in the world of Virtual Reality. All you need is a VR app and phone, that’s it. From VR games to watching your favourite series on a virtual screen, VR glasses are an amazing gift. With Facebook and Google already supporting 360-degree videos, introducing your partner to the world of Virtual reality is a cool idea to explore. You can enter the virtual world in just Rs 886/-

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