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Mumbai, January 24th, 2018: Flochat, India’s first hybrid instant messenger which allows one to easily connect with friends via free messaging & hi-definition audio/video calling is adding one innovative feature after another and is increasingly becoming the first choice of the youth. Flochat is one of the most evolved Instant Messaging platform which allows users to access all lifestyle apps from their chat. They also have features like editing a sent message after it has been received/ read from the user and the sender’s phone; converting emojis to gifs which allows the TG to express themselves far better than the existing platforms.

Flochat has recently announced the roll out of its new innovative feature ‘Stitch’.
This uber cool feature is a whole new take on selfies. Using this feature one can click multiple selfies in one frame. So all your moods/ expressions now captured in one frame! Flochat is using cutting edge technology to enable taking multiple selfies in one background & one frame. This feature promises to change the way users click their selfies and is an exceptional addition to the existing app, which allows the user to capture pictures and weave in several of the best expressions in a single frame.
The feature also enables users to instantly tap and change any of the pictures from different frames with a new one. With quirky stickers and amusing backgrounds the user can aesthetically enhance the images they click and share on the App.

Prateek Lal, CEO and Founder, Flochat says, “Flochat was developed on the innovative thought of creating an entirely smooth experience for its users across multiple platforms. Our team always strives to experiment and introduce ‘first-of-its-kind’ features on the App. The idea to come up with a ‘Stitch was to not only enhance the camera option but also combine it with an innovative and engaging feature currently not available on any of the instant messengers.”

Apart from Stitch, Flochat has also upgraded its audio and video features which boast of 6x clearer quality and 3x faster speed with a better user experience. The echo cancellation, howling control and smart noise reduction are some of the features introduced newly to amplify the audio feature usage.

Prateek Lal further added, “We spend a lot of time with our consumers to understand what are their pain points and try to develop features to solve them. Background noise and bad video quality in audio video calling happen to be a huge pain point for our TG and came out in every single focus group. Thus we designed a high definition version of audio video which is far superior from anything currently available in the market and also helps optimise data and battery for the user”.

Flochat in your pocket enables you to not only chat but also smoothly navigate across various services like ordering food, hail a cab, book a movie ticket, watch online videos and access a search engine all on one platform. Flochat plans to launch many disruptive features in the upcoming months to attract more users and add to its 3 lakh plus user base.

About Flochat: Flochat is India’s first free hybrid instant messaging platform founded by Mr Prateek Lal. Flochat is everything you need from being your go-to messenger to executing multiple activities like booking your ride, movie tickets, food, watch online videos and access search engine, just download Flochat and you can access all these apps from within Flochat. Currently Flochat in India is a 35 member team. They are collaborating new apps to boost its ecosystem every day and enhance the user experience so that one never has to go off its chat ever.

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