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Camp K12 : Education Based Start-up

It’s no secret that education is advancing at a rapid rate and the world of the academics is mingling with the technological. It’s the kids that are most enthusiastic about this. After all, it is the easiest, most efficient, and not to mention, the most fun way to learn! Technology is such an integral part of their life that they learn best with it around. Education based start-up Camp K12 want to ensure that children can learn and innovate in this safe space that technology provides them.

Camp K12 as an EdTech start-up ( with focus on redefining education so that children don’t find themselves lost in the world of tomorrow. They teach primary, middle, and senior school students across the nation about coding, app development, VR and other 21st century technologies.

Following their tradition of pioneering Next Generation technologies to school students, they have launched the World’s first Virtual Reality platform - HatchVR, a platform where students of school can now build VIRTUAL REALITY products – games and apps. I am sure you have heard of Virtual Reality (VR), a technology that the world is going crazy about. VR refers to immersive, 3D virtual environments that one can explore, interact with, and manipulate through gestures in the real world. As you can imagine, coding Virtual Reality apps is very hard, but we have built the very first VR app development platform to make it easy and accessible to students in school, including to those without prior programming experience.

School students making their own VR products! Sounds quite impossible, right? But Camp K12 has made it possible. They encourage kids to become creators and not simply users of technology. The students of this generation are considered technological learners. They learn best being more interactive, and technology is what helps them do that. You can learn more about this project here:

Camp K12 has been pioneering the EdTech industry since many years : In 2010, Anshul Bhagi founded Camp K12, by pioneering App Development for schools with a vision of transforming K-12 education to build the next generation of young entrepreneurs in India.

In 2012, the in-house team had also developed end-to-end online competition engine for K-12 students across country, which was officially launched in 2013 in partnership with Adobe.

Year 2015 was a busy one for Camp K12, with three new launches- Entrepreneurship Bootcamp exclusively for school students, Drone Programming for k-12 students and a 'Geeks in Residence' YouTube media programme.

In 2016, Camp K12 has partnered with all-girls schools to launch coding programmes for school girls to add to the global women-in-tech movement. 

And in 2017, Camp K12 launched De-Code: Practical Cyber Security for Kids, She Can Code : coding for girls & HatchVR : First VR app development platform in India. 

Their goal is to work with impressionable young minds and to inculcate in them the healthy habits of problem solving and creativity.
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