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Android 8.0 Oreo: Pros and Cons

Get your phones ready, because Google has finally released the latest member of its Android OS family "Oreo". The new Android 8.0 will now officially be called "Oreo". But the name isn’t the only sweetest thing about Android 8. While it might not be fully-stacked with features as prior to older Android releases but Android Oreo has plenty of features that make it a must-download however, a plenty of cons are also associated with it. So, take a look below at Pros and cons of Android Oreo before getting hands on it.

Android Oreo Pros:

1.   Faster 2x Boot Speed:
          Now you can do your tasks more quickly with 2x the boot speed. Google showed it in a test on its Pixel 2 that the device takes half the time as compared to Android 7. Android Oreo also manages your background running apps and has increased automatic limits for them to avoid unwanted battery and memory usage, thus increasing the battery life and speed.

2.   Picture-in-picture:
         The most awaited and amazing multitasking feature is now on the new Android Oreo.  The Picture-in-Picture mode lets the user work on any app and at the same time run a video in any pinned area of the screen. This is the major functional change that you will see in Oreo.


3.   Autofill API framework:
         Google has integrated Autofill APIs within the Android Oreo that will remember the credentials and automatically fills the username and password on just typing in the first word of the username. So after this update, there is no need for password managers now.


4.   Android instant apps:
         Instant Apps is a feature that lets you use an app without needing to download it on your smartphone: just find the app on the Play Store and click the ‘Open App’ button. This allows you to jump to a specific activity within an app you haven't installed yet, simply by tapping a URL.

5.   Notification Dots and Snoozing:
         Notification dots feature allows visual dot indicators above the app icons whenever an app have pending notifications. The dots will be coloured-coded to that of the app icon.
        Oreo also comes with a new feature of Notification Snoozing which lets you to "snooze" your notification like snoozing an alarm clock for a certain amount of time, from 15 minutes to 2 hours.


6.   Wifi Aware (Neighborhood Aware Networking — NAN):
        With the new Wi-Fi Aware feature, the smartphones with Android 8 allows apps and devices to find, connect and share data with each other directly without any internet access or cellular data.
Wi-Fi Aware API will give the developers an opportunity to create cool apps that are based on communication between nearby devices just like Shareit.

Android Oreo Cons:

1.    Beta version, so may contain bugs:
         The Android update released by Google is currently the beta version, so it may have many bugs.

2.    Not every smartphone is getting the update:
          Fewer smartphones are getting the Android Oreo update but still, there are many smartphones which aren't receiving this update. There are only 0.5% of the smartphones actively running Oreo as of Dec 12, 2017. Also, Google isn't providing the Oreo update to smartphones running below Android 5.0 lollipop.
3.    No VR or AR support:
         Although Google is going good in AR and VR field with its project Tango and Daydream View that has received very good responses the last year, it is surprisingly disappointing that the Android Oreo doesn't have any support for AR and VR. 

4.   Google Lens is still too far:
        At Google I/O, the company unveiled its Google lens, an AR information overlay that can give you information about anything it can see through the camera. Most of us hoped it would roll out with Android 8, but months after the I/O conference there is still no sign of it in the new OS.

5.   The white notification bar:
         With Android Oreo, the background theme of notification bar will be white which has received a numerous negative feedback. According to the users, it is very annoying to use it in a dark surrounding.
Since the Android Oreo is on beta stage it is also receiving complaints about update failures and many other issues regarding Bluetooth connectivity.


So, these were all the major pros and cons of Android 8.0, Oreo. For more info stay updated with us.
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