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Project Tango - Welcome to AR (Augmented Reality) Experience


The great leap in smart phoning that all of us have been waiting for is here. In simple words point your phone at a wall to measure how wide it is.

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 Smartphones have stagnated in the past several months. There’s been no real technological innovations to get you, me, or the average user excited about phones. Project Tango could change that. Some of the services it provides are small in the grand scheme of things: better VR and AR experiences, indoor navigation, and some of the coolest and most interactive games available.

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How Does It Work?

Tango is a set of sensors and computer vision software that gives ZenFone AR the ability to understand space and motion like humans do, which gives ZenFone AR augmented reality capabilities that feel positively futuristic. Tango adds motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning capabilities to ZenFone AR, so it can understand its motion as it moves through an area, detect how far away it is from the floor, walls, and objects, and see and remember the key visual features of a physical space in three-dimensional space. 


The result is a phone that can not only know exactly where it is in relation to the objects within an area, but it can actually map an entire area in virtual space. Project Tango is probably the next step to establishing a connection between the Real world and the virtual world.

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