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OPPO - 5X Optical Zoom

Oppo officially announces its 5x optical zoom technology 

Dubbed 5x, the company’s new tech manages to cram a telephoto lens inside a mobile phone, allowing for 5x optical zooming.  

Image result for telephoto lens inside mobile phoneSmartphones have had other optical zooming options in the past, the most popular solution being the one employed by the iPhone 7 Plus: having two sensors, one of which is permanently zoomed in, and using software to seamlessly combine the two. Oppo’s 5x, however, does things a bit differently, since the second sensor is hidden inside the phone’s chassis at a 90-degree angle.The mechanism was reportedly co-developed together with camera technology vendor Corephotonics, and development took about a year. 

The tech works with a telephoto lens, which is rotated perpendicularly inside the device, and the light from which is then reflected through a rotating prism. The mechanism can rotate by increments of 0.0025 degrees, allowing for precise control of zooming, and also includes picture stabilization.

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