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LG V30 - Complete Review

LG V30: prezzo, caratteristiche, uscita e notizie in Italia
Introduction -
The LG G6 led the way in an extraordinary aspect ratios with its 5.7-inch 2:1 FullVision display, complete with rounded corners for both looks and some degree of protection. The V30's display is marketed as FullVIsion too, but LG has made a switch to OLED, P-OLED to be precise. Around back, you won't find the V10's rubber, or the V20's aluminum, it's all glass this time.

The handset is IP68 certified for dust and water resistance, a first for an LG V phone. Previous generations prioritized the removable battery over environmental sealing,

LG V30 оснастят изогнутым OLED-экраном от Samsung - AKKet
  • Water and Dust Resistant.
  • Dual Camera.
  • Expandable Storage upto 2TB.
  • No stereo speakers.
  • Doesn't come with the latest Android.
  • Low-resolution front-facing camera. 
Design(4.5/5) -
It's just the glass though, the display underneath is still flat as the curvature starts where the screen ends. There's Gorilla Glass 5 covering the P-OLED display, so you should expect the same level of scratch protection as most other current high-end phones.

Above the sensor is the dual camera within a very discrete module that sticks out only so much. On the right of the cameras is the flash, a single LED unit, and the laser autofocus emitter/receiver assembly. 

There's even a headphone jack.The volume controls are on the left, two separate buttons instead of a rocker. The card tray is on the right side and takes a nano SIM and microSD.

LG V30 vorerst exklusiv bei 1&1 zu habenThe LG V30 is powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset .There are 4GB of RAM on board. Its  clear that it hasn't been tuned with ultimate performance as the main goal.

Even so, it's got a top class chip set inside,Snapdragon 835 devices - they are consistently good and the differences are purely synthetic,The multi-core result puts the V30 slightly behind the pack, though in all fairness the bulk of Snapdragon 835 handsets post scores.

The LG V30 packs a 3,300mAh battery.The 33 hours of 3G call time, for one, are truly impressive, especially after our less than solid experience with the Snapdragon 835 in the past. The standby endurance is also above average. Surfing the web over Wi-Fi depletes the V30's battery in a little over 8 hours, average at best.

Camera(4/5) (Front Camera was a downfall) 
The V30's primary cam has the widest aperture lens on a smartphone at a aperture of f/1.6.Behind the optics there's a 16MP sensor with tiny 1.0micron pixels. LG customary mix of laser and phase detection take care of autofocus. Additionally, the lens is stabilized.

There's an ultra wide-angle camera too with 13MP with an f/1.9 aperture len.
It captures a lot of detail in good light and the bump from 13MP to 16MP shows if you look closely. And while you're all zoomed in, you'll probably appreciate the slightly lower noise - more a result of a different take on noise reduction than anything else.

The V30 records videos up to 2160p resolution with both rear cameras. While the optical stabilization is always there for you on the main cam, digital stabilization is only available in 1080p/30fps and not in 4K or 1080p/60fps.

Conclusion -

The GEAR - LG V30 핸즈온 리뷰, 선명한 화면, 놀라운 그립감To wrap it up the V30 is light, compact, and has a single display that leaves little room for anything else on the front. It is a good phone and an acceptable price tag given for it.

The V30 is a really good phone packed with really good features, Only concern is there are better alternatives for this phone  in the market at that price range, In tbe end it somes to the consumers mindset.


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