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Homegrown messenger app - Hike gets new app enhancements

Hike Messenger, India’s first homegrown messaging platform, today announced new social features for Groups, all built inside the chat and available at a single click. Groups can use - Vote, Bill Split, Checklists, Events with Reminders and even Teen Patti - with great ease and without the cumbersome effort of  using multiple apps. And you can work with a group size of up to a 1000 members!
Figuring out where to throw a surprise birthday party for your friend or choosing a movie to watch becomes much easier with ‘Vote’. It's a great feature for school or college elections too as the results are quick and transparent. One can easily create a poll within the group chat with the Vote microapp making it easier to express opinions and preferences with just a simple tap.
Of course, throwing a party is no easy task with so many things to do for everyone so you can create a Checklist to make sure nothing is missed out - right from who’s ordering the food to who’s organizing the games. And set the date on Events and Reminders. The inbuilt calendar exclusive to your group chat will remind you to get ready and enjoy.

Another nifty feature is the ‘Bill Split’ that allows you to share your bills with your friends. So go ahead and book those movie tickets and reserve those tables for dinner or split rent and utilities amongst your flatmates because now you can create a bill split on the group, calculate everyone’s share and receive money via Hike Wallet.

And as an added bonus, have fun playing Teen Patti within the Group right from the comfort of your home.

On the launch of these new social features, Vishwanath Ramarao, CTO, Hike Messenger, said, “Our new features will make sharing much easier within the group and raise the fun and productivity quotient. We believe that this could be a key driver for groups to come together and do much more in the online world ”.

The on-air “No formality” campaign includes two short films on group features. Groups come together for Group bill split and big groups. The short films can be viewed on YouTube - Bill Split1000 member groups & Vote- Tutorial

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