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Apple Advances On Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars

Apple’s secretive autonomous car project has shifted focus over the years, but this year, it seems to be picking up speed. In April, the company received a permit to test self-driving cars in California, while in June, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that they were working on software that could allow cars and maybe other things to drive themselves. 

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Apple is using machine learning to analyze data to from a vehicle’s cameras. The techniques used in a recently published study on the advances that the company has made in using AI to detect pedestrians and cyclists using Li DAR. Software that uses a car’s cameras to identify objects such as cars and pedestrians, as well as the drivable lanes on the road. He also showed off images that demonstrated how the system performed even when camera lenses were obscured by raindrops, and how their software could infer where pedestrians were, even when they were obscured by parked cars. 
There are already a variety of methodology and sensors existent in the market nowadays to do the task of sensing an object around the camera. The projected views of the Apple corporations claims on its self driving cars included using of Cameras as assists which is a new step into the future of automatic cars. The main aim of this project or venture as some may say is to replicate the functioning of human eye in aiding of self driving cars. 

 A technique called SLAM to allow the software to have a sense of direction, something that’s used in map building and augmented reality, while another project takes the data from the cars and uses it to help build maps with more detail, but it seems as though Apple’s focus will be on developing the brains that will eventually steer the cars safely.

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