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Barracuda Sentinel utilizes AI to prevent spear phishing and cyber fraud in real time

An interaction with Anshuman Singh, Senior Director Product Management, Application Security, Barracuda Networks on Barracuda Sentinel

1.              Kindly highlight the key cybersecurity threats in the industry today.
Spear phishing is rapidly becoming the most significant security threat today. These targeted attacks are very personalized, and often do not contain any malicious attachments or links, making them very hard to detect.

2.              What is spear phishing? How different is it from phishing?
Phishing messages are mass emails that typically contain a malicious link or attachment and aim to obtain credentials or credit card information.

Spear phishing messages are highly personalized where a criminal impersonates someone in the organization (typically the CEO, CFO, or other Exec) and engages in conversation to build trust. These targeted messages typically include no malicious attachments or links – making them very hard to detect with existing email security solutions. Spear phishing messages aim to get the victim to *do something (typically wire transfer funds).
3.              How does one stay safe from phishing attacks?
Users today must remain vigilant and aware when it comes to email and particularly if someone is requesting sensitive, confidential, or personal information. Some of those best practices include:
Do not click on links or attachments in emails, especially coming from an unknown source.
If it looks suspicious, contact the sender via phone and confirm.
Keep an eye on the reply-to address which is often different than actual sender in spear phishing attacks.
Enable two-factor authentication.
Change your passwords regularly, and do not share passwords across multiple accounts.
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4.              Tell us more about the Barracuda Sentinel
Barracuda Sentinel utilizes AI to prevent spear phishing and cyber fraud in real time. It combines three powerful layers of defense into a comprehensive cloud solution against targeted attacks. First, a proprietary artificial intelligence engine learns an organization’s existing communications patterns in order to predict future attacks. Second, a domain fraud protection layer helps organization’s set up and monitor DMARC to prevent domain spoofing and cyber fraud. Third, a fraud simulation training layer offers real-life spear phishing training to high-risk individuals inside the company. Barracuda Sentinel connects directly to Office 365 via API – meaning, there’s no impact to user experience or network performance, and it works along any existing email security solution.

5.              How is it different from Barracuda’s other solutions.
Barracuda Essentials for Email Security includes best-of-breed anti-spam, ransomware, malware, and phishing protection.

Barracuda Sentinel is a focused solution on targeted attacks and spear phishing. It is the only solution on the market today that uses AI and specializes in this type of protection. It works alongside existing email security solutions (including Barracuda Essentials, native Office 365/Exchange Online Protection, or others) to give comprehensive protection against this type of attacks.

6.              How does it help in dealing with spear-phishing? What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in Barracuda Sentinel?
At the heart of Barracuda Sentinel is the proprietary AI engine. Barracuda Sentinel utilizes AI to learn communications patterns and predict future attacks. The AI engine also helps to identify the most high-risk individuals inside an organization.

7.              Office 365 already has security features. Do I really need additional protection?

Office 365 does not offer any native security features designed to prevent spear phishing and stop this rapidly growing, targeted attack.

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