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Coolpad CoolPlay6 Camera Samples and review

Coolpad CoolPlay6 Camera Samples and review

I was among the few fortunate guys who were able to attend the event and got to use the latest offering from Coolpad "The CoolPlay6"

Lets start with a brief overview. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 653 with 6 GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Its a well built device with curved sides which makes it very comfortable to hold also the matte finish gives a good grip. With its 4000mAH battery it gives me a 1 and half day with moderate usage. The Journey UI is pretty smooth and fast, I couldnt find any stutters. The loudspeakers have good loudness. The main attaction is the rear camera module 13MP + 13MP . One is RGB and the other Monochrome. Front cam is of 8 MP. It comes with a good display with good color temperature.

Lets jump to camera.

The camera UI is easy to use. It can record 4K video with rear camera. Also it has dedicated manual mode called the Pro mode which is a very good addition for those who likes to experiment in smartphone photography. It even has custom color temperature selection, exposure time of 16 Seconds , focus control and many more.

I will be posting mostly camera samples shot in different lighting conditions. I haven't digged into the camera much for now. Most of the shots Im sharing are shot in Auto mode and many are in Moving vehicle.

Daylight shots

Daylight shots have good detail, fast focus, decent dynamic range. All photos are unedited. The colors are close to natural. Overall I am happy with the result. Only con I found is that its little bit hard to see the display under bright sunlight, a few more screen nits would have been great.

Daylight shots clicked from inside of a moving vehicle.

 Its fast shutter produced some good looking shots

Lets have a look at evening shots

The results are quite good. A little bit of noise do creep in some dark areas. Hope they can fix it in future updates.

Let see how it fairs in indoor and artificial lighting

Im very much impressed with the output at this budget. captures very good detail. 

And now lets see some SLR mode shots. The first shot was clicked in a moving vehicle also the subject was also moving. I was surprised by the output

Here you can see the difference between normal and SLR mode

Its really fun clicking these shots. It works well even in artificial light. It does take about 5 sec for processing so continuous shot will not be possible.

Now lets look at very low light shots. All these pics are unedited. The results are quite decent considering the lack of OIS. Must be careful to hold the camera steady. 

Some very low light shots can be taken using MonoChrome mode which is faster and less noisy. Here are some examples

Lets give a try for long exposure shots.

All were clicked handheld, a tripod is recommended for the best results

Let See how good the digital zoom is

And few shots with Macro lens attachment:
Would recommend to use Pro mode while using external lens for great results.

Im sorry for such a pretty long thread
Finally selfie camera. Im not a fan of selfie. Just posting few. Let you guys decide the output. 

And for video quality I will leave a link here:

The video compression quality is not that great. It does have artifacts. Also the frame rate fall according to light. Continuous autofocus works fine. Exposure compensation is also quite good. Below is a FULL HD sample. It does record on 4K too

Sow motion video test. Average video output 720P max resolution

Thank you for spending some valuable time here. I hope this will give you a pretty good idea of the camera performance. Take care and have a nice day

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