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AI taking over our Lifestyle?????

Attributed to: Sukanya Mandal, Data Science Professional and IEEE Member

1. How do you see AI taking over major aspects of our lifestyle in the coming years?

Whether we like it or not, AI is definitely going to be a part of our lives. Starting from personal digital assistant to children’s education to monitoring the food we eat - AI will be all around us. Automatically our lifestyle will change. Consider the time when we did not have a smartphone. Our lives were moving ahead without it. Then came a time when smartphone started booming and nowadays almost everyone uses one and a large extent of population has made it a part of their life. In the coming years AI seems to make a bigger effect. Our lifestyle will change from ‘trying to overcome the hard task’ to ‘just deploying a solution that will do the work for us’. While in some situation this shift would be helpful whereas in other situations it would just make one lazy.

2. When people start adopting AI into their everyday living, what kind of emotional impact will this have?

AI can be of huge assistance to the elderly providing the much needed attention and care required at their age! Same goes for the toddlers while keeping their parents informed about every step. For teenagers, AI could be a very good friend helping and guiding them to take steps towards the right direction. On the other hand, AI could make teens lazy by doing those essential problem solving task which would otherwise improve their cognitive capabilities. Another aspect to consider in this context would be the ethics of AI.

People might just rely on technology so much that their absence might cause a sense of anger or irritation or helplessness. A sense of attachment would be developed between the human - robots, but it is also a concern that they should not overly attached.

While AI can have many positive benefits on an individual, the other side must also be taken into consideration.

3. Your report shows that AI will permeate our lives in a major way, are the Indian families geared up to adapt to this change?

Indian families are slowly getting adapted to the changes. They are slowly and steadily embracing the change and moving ahead with it.

A few strong initiatives from the local or central government to educate the common masses regarding these new age technologies would be all the more beneficial!

4. Which are the two areas within Indian families, do you see AI showing maximum benefit, and how?

As we are aware - AI has huge potential in various sectors. in my opinion Indian families will benefit strongly in terms of Education and Healthcare when it comes to AI.

5. What are the technological advancements needed? and what is the state of AI developments with major organisations working on AI today?

When it comes to common masses, education is the key. Other technological advancements requires government and people working hand in hand to establish strong connectivity, leveraging necessary and required hardware solutions to implement AI. Smart City is no doubt one such initiative where we will get to see a lot of AI enabled technologies.

Major organizations are making breakthroughs in this arena inventing new AI related technologies everyday some of which we get to experience when it comes to life as a product. But, mostly it is all in research state although we have seen some initial steps towards product - Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, IBM Watson etc. but certainly there is a long way to go and actually influence people of all levels of the society.

6. Do you see the home segment or the enterprise segment adopt AI first, and how will that impact Indian market?

Although the early adaption of AI will be in the home segment in the form of small products, but in the near future the rate of AI adaption in the enterprise sector would be more!

AI is going to majorly affect the Indian market. With Smart City, Make in India and Digital India initiatives - many tech giants has already started investing in AI. India has already started transforming and we will get to see it's result in the immediate future. As a result of these initiatives - India's manufacturing sector has largely benefitted and is on the way to become the global hub of manufacturing, thus giving a boost to Indian economy. Many tech giants has expressed their interest to open their Research labs in India. The right implementation of AI in both public and private sectors and enforcing automation in certain sector while implementing proper skill up program for the existing workforce would result to huge potential within India! 

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