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What is Google Tango and Daydream?

Google has recently launched Daydream in India; previously it launched Tango. Have you ever wondered what they’re all about?
Tango is a new technology from Google that enables augmented reality on smartphones. Daydream is Google’s platform for high-quality, mobile virtual reality. Let’s take a closer look at each one.
What is Tango?
Tango is a set of sensors and computer vision software from Google that enable augmented reality applications. This superimposes digital imagery on top of a view of the real world, captured by the device’s camera. The type of images used varies by application, but often enough, they’ll be 3D models that you can physically move around to see from different angles.
Tango is a tight partnership between hardware and software. A depth-sensing camera detects nearby objects in real time, so virtual objects can interact with them appropriately. Motion tracking ensures virtual objects shift as you move the phone, giving the illusion that they’re staying in one spot in the real world.
Tango also provides a consistent technology for developers, so augmented reality apps can work across different devices. It also helps apps to be easily discoverable by users. The kinds of experiences you can enjoy here range from exciting new games, to home decor utilities, to new kinds of exploration. The possibilities of augmented reality are just beginning to be explored.
What is Daydream?
Daydream is Google’s platform for virtual reality. It consists of Daydream-ready phones, Daydream-ready headsets and controllers, and Daydream apps. Daydream View is the first Daydream-ready headset and controller designed and developed by Google. It also comes with a touch-and-motion enabled controller so you can easily interact with VR apps.
With the Daydream View, you will be able to explore new worlds through Google Street View and Fantastic Beasts. Kick back in your personal cinema with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Get in the game with Gunjack 2, LEGO® BrickHeadz, and Need for Speed. That’s just the beginning of the VR possibilities with Daydream.
The end result is a doorway to entirely new worlds that you won’t forget soon.
Google has notably been pushing AR/VR technologies with its latest Android OS. The most prominent introduction however, has been the ASUS ZenFone AR launch that took place at CES, 2017, earlier this year.

That’s not all, ASUS recently took to its Facebook and Twitter pages to post a teaser video, stating that the world’s first 8GB RAM phone is all set to land in India and we believe that it’s the Zenfone AR which will be in mid of July.

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