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Zhiyun Smooth 3 is a piece of Marvel, created to take on professional photographers

Smartphone cameras have been getting better and better. With every new flagship device, we see cameras on smartphones improve by leaps and bounds. We have smartphones that can shoot RAW images, with lenses that come with OIS, or EIS, and so much tech packed inside a little camera module that it’s almost hard to go wrong with smartphone cameras these days.

In box we get A gimbal with battaries in a hard case . Also included in the box are a USB to micro USB cable for charging the gimbal, and a strap that you can attach to the case, in order to carry it around easily.

3-axis stabilisation, which is definitely great, and the motors feel responsive enough to keep smartphones stable. Thanks to the adjustable arm, larger phones can be balanced quite easily

The control-panel on the gimbal is straight-forward for the most part. Except for the “W/T” toggle, which I couldn’t figure out (at first). Turns out, it’s meant to zoom in and out in the Zhiyun app, but hey, how about including an English version of the manual? Translating the manual was a challenge in and of itself, and it still wasn’t really helpful. You can use the Joystick to pan, rotate, and adjust the tilt of the gimbal 

3 modes of operation, and you can switch between them with the mode button. A single press on the mode button cycles forward between the modes, and double pressing the mode button cycles backwards through the modes. However, the gimbal has no indicator to show what mode it is in, unless it’s connected to the Zhiyun Assistant app, but more on that later. Also, long pressing the mode button puts the gimbal to sleep mode, and you can long press on it again, to bring it back up.

We will be doing a detailed review soon .

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