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Coolpad Note 5 lite Camera review- Camera makes the day more better

The latest budget range offering by Coolpad, the CoolpadNote 5 lite is a beautifully crafted device. Specification wise its just an average device, especially the battery capacity. The 8MP selfie camera is better than the phones in this price bracket. 13 MP Rear camera is also decent, at times it out performs the RedmiNote 3 especially in low light. The camera is quick and responsive. It has quite a number of modes like Night, Normal, Beauty and Pro

Pro is manual mode similar to Redmi series, no focus and shutter control. UI is smooth and quick no stutters like Miui. The phones gets slightly warm while prolonged camera use. I like the focus lock time, its super quick, lot better than Redmi Note 3. Also you can get better macro shots. The 2.5 curved glass is too reflective so daylight visibility does get affected, at times it's hard to make out whats in the preview while using camera. The HDR mode is very suttle. It does lack dynamic range in the final output, but I felt its the software issue as you can get a very good dynamic result if you can edit using Snapseed. Here are some  test shots taken in different conditions. It works well with macro lens attachment.

Daylight shots

Indoor/artificial lighting

Lowlight/Night mode

Macro without any external lens

Front camera
has a wide angle lens and good details
Good for groupfie

Macro shots using apexel 12x macro lens

Some of the pictures have come out really well, lot better than Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 4A. Wish coolpad had included atleast a 3000mAH battery.

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