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LG Makes a Boom comeback with its Boom speakers

The latest music gadgets from LG are the speakers. They have been developed in such a way that they deliver an unparalleled audio experience for the user. The portability of the X Boom Handy Speakers with the telescoping handle makes them a great choice for youngsters who love to grab their gadgets and go. The enhanced acoustics and versatile shape makes it a great hit amongst music lovers. The chargeable battery feature ensures a long-lasting music session along with a special Karaoke feature for people who love to sing. You will also be able to charge your phones using this speaker. The wireless connectivity of this speaker truly makes it a high-tech gadget that is a must have for all music lovers.

The OM4560 adds to the excitement of the party with its powerful amplifier that includes a 2500W PMPO output. This sound system is developed for music lovers around the globe.Users can download the Music Flow Bluetooth app to enhance the functionality of the speakers. The Music Flow Bluetooth is more than just a remote, it simplifies your listening and unites everything music into easy-to-use app. The sound sync feature allows users to simply link their LG audio product with a compatible LG HDTV wirelessly via Bluetooth, reducing the cable clutter behind/beneath your TV. If you shake the smart Device (Mobile Phone etc.), the Connection will disconnect from the Speakers and will switch to the Smart Device. This technology enhances usability and makes your gadgets convenient to use.

LG has always tried to give a new definition to your home entertainment. It has been offering a number of options with the ultimate blend of design and performance. The LG new sound bar SH5 is hassle free to use as the sound starts the moment you send audio to it till then the bar sleeps;  when audio is sent via Bluetooth the bar unit wakes up and plays through integrated Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth), you can free yourself from messy wires and stay connected.

 You don’t have to change the function of the speaker when you are changing your content. The bar comes along with a wireless subwoofer which enhances the sounds from your favorite TV shows, motion pictures, games etc. These compact audio devices rock your homes with a thrilling sound of 320W, while bringing a beautiful addition to your home décor. LG's differentiated voice enhancing technology actively analyzes the vocal levels in real time. 

When it senses high vocal levels, it automatically lowers the bass power to make dialogue crystal-clear. The auto sound engine feature optimizes the audio at every volume level keeping the frequencies accurate in the right places. This delivers the correct sound balance no matter the sound volume. Also, the sound starts the moment you send audio to it. The bar sleeps but when audio is sent via Bluetooth the unit wakes and plays.

The smart technology of the LG soundbar knows when you enter the room and can sense your mobile devices and let you send audio directly to your sound bar with ease. Also, the multi Bluetooth connectivity options in all the LG speakers allow for 3 Bluetooth phones to connect at one time making it a great technologically able product.

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