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LG Boom X Portable Review

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 

 Bob Marley

Music is unwittingly a part of one’s life from the infancy. From childhood rhymes to cartoon title tracks our lives are surrounded by music in one form or another.

When one hears a song that expresses the emotions of his heart, his soul gets propelled into a parallel universe where there is only happiness and peace.

A good music experience not only comes from a good song, but also from medium that relays that music to you. South Korean electronics company LG now has come up with LG OM7550D (Portable X Boom), a powerful and badass Home Audio system that comes up with Bluetooth and Auto DJ.

We at Techphlie got a chance to listen and groove to our favorite Songs of all times on this device and I’ve only one word for this amazing device – “beaut bonza”. Here is our review of the various features of the device.


The speakers of the portable boom X consists of a 2.54 cm Compression horn(1), along with 10.16cm mid unit(4) and 25.4cm woofer unit(10). We were astonished by the sound that such a little device could create.


The device comes with 2 microphones, an FM tuner, Aux Audio Input (stereo from rear), Bluetooth, USB, from AUX support, Audio Line Out, HDMI out etc. All the things that you can imagine in an audio device are bundled in this small boom box.

The device has a decent Bluetooth range and also the device was able to receive FM transmissions with ease. We also found that the loudness was a little low for the songs played through Bluetooth to the ones played using wire. But that is an issue with all the Bluetooth Music devices.


There are also a number of features that improve one’s experience with the device itself. There are a number of cool features like Auto DJ (repeat/ random), child safe mode, program play (20 songs max), LED indicator lights, tripod stand option, USB direct recording, 1.5x video playback, Bluetooth, Mp3/ WMA ID3 tag display. 

Having only the Boom X lights in the room, totally makes the room feel like a Club. With Loud music playing and friends over at your home, you might never need to move out to the clubs on weekends to have the similar ambiance.


The boom x comes with user EQ, Cluster 1 EQ and a number of common equalization options like standard, pop, bass blast, football etc.

We tried the bass blast mode and were quite impressed. The pop mode is also quite good and makes you dance on the spot.


With the speaker itself, you get 4 accessories out of the box Remote control, FM antenna, Instruction manual and an HDMI cable.


Vocal Fader is a feature that allows user to enjoy normal audio discs as karaoke disc by reducing singer vocal of music in the music source, after connecting the device with a mic.


LG Portable X Boom has an maximum price  of Rs 31,990 and is available online and through retailers for a price between 30,000 to 31,500. 
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