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In today's  world people are not living their life comfortably they are just surviving. When your world is advancing with a rapid speed people should cope up with technology. There are numerous of gadgets which can ease the life. But people are unaware of such gadgets. We at TecPhlie provide you information that can help you live life more comfortably. Again we are here with a list of some cool gadgets that can give you wings to hack your life. Let's see them one by one


Our first device is indeed a great gadget for those who regularly travel to different countries. it is called Re-timer. it is not a time machine or a stopwatch it's an eyewear which reduces jet lags. just wear it for 30 minutes a day for four days before a trip, Re-Timer removes the sudden change in time zones. This helps to reduce the severity of jet lag symptoms when you arrive at your destination, helping you to get the most out of your trip. isn't it cool!! just follow the link to get more information?

LG rolls keyboard

Now let's see our second device, its a boon for those who are heavily indulged in office work on tablet/phones and also for those who are born gamers. LG rolly a portable keyboard which you can carry anywhere either in your pocket or in your backpacks and then roll it out to work. it is compatible with laptops, tablets or phones. All the ready to go gamers just fetch this gadget up.

See this video for more details

 Light Up Charging Cables

This is a cool gadget. This light up charging cable comes with a handy added bonus: it shows you when your phone has finished charging. The light dims as the phone charges, so you don’t have to waste any electricity.

BiKN Tracking Device

Do you have a problem of losing keys, phones, girlfriend 😜, then this is the device you are looking for?The BiKN Tracking Device is the ideal gadget for anyone who regularly loses their keys and phone. Simply attach the tracking device to your most precious items, so you never lose them again. like your girlfriend😜 See video for more information.

Credit Card Lightbulb

Hey, lets talk about a situation where there is low light and your phone battery is dead, and if you are a woman you need this.This Credit Card Lightbulb is basically a flashlight that fits in your wallet. Simply flip the bulb to switch it on, this gadget is super handy for emergency situations.

Remote Control Mop

I bet you this gadget not only makes house cleaning job interesting but also makes you the king of lazy peoples. The Remote Control Mop turns cleaning into a fun game – who knew it was possible?


Everyone needs internet access everywhere so this device connects you to the internet around the globe. the gadget comes with interesting features like.
  • Share among 5 devices 
  • Connect friends & family too
  • Pay only for what you use
  • No commitments, no contracts
  • Unlimited, fast data
  • Imagine a travel experience without limits
  • Easy and transparent
  • SIM-free, hassle-free, no overage charges.
See the video to know more.


Our next segment includes a headphone no an ear cover no its a sleepphones. This gadget lets you sleep in soft soothing song as it can be connected with your Mp3 player using a cable. Crafted from soft fleece and featuring high quality integrated headphones, the SleepPhones let you sleep soundly, without pestering your partner or waking up strangled by a cable. Listen to lullabies to send you to sleep, music to drown out background noise (and snoring) or whole song for that really relaxing underwater vibe or listen to the dolphine sound and let your mine go underwater.See this video to get more information.

Document Extractor – Combi Monitor
This cool gadget is a revolutionary product. As it combines your Pc and your printer in one device! cool no.? Who would have thought about this? Excited about this product concept.just wait some while.

Smart Remot


Have you ever wondered to control all your appliances with one remote? It is needed as we all are crowded by electronic appliances which have remote. It becomes very hectic work to shift to other remote for control of another device. "Smart Remote" by Seven Hugs is a remote that will definitely cure your problem of changing remote for other device's control. You would be surprised to know that this gadget also calls uber on demand, just point the device towards the door! isn't it interesting?.

See this video for more details..

Do you know any other super useful gadgets to make life easier? Comment with your ideas below!

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