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Stretchable circuits ?

Scientists have engineered world's first stretchable integrated circuit with the help of 3-D printing from an inkjet printer in the last month. This circuit is entirely made up of different nanomaterials. High-density stretchable electronics are achieved using multiple layers of interconnects on an elastomeric substance. Organic compounds are also a very big part in the design and the structure. Being stretchable means these circuits are flexible and can be folded anytime anywhere. Stretchable integrated circuits are small and can be used in rubber wrist watches or other rubber electronics.

Right now they are very expensive to manufacture and cannot be developed on a large scale easily. The next step is to combine these circuits and organic light emitting diode, so that it can be produced by a simple printer, reducing the manufacturing cost. If this product gets cheaper it has the potential to change our day to day life drastically, everything we own will have a different shape and form.

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