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SD2 launches, the “Upfront Cloud” bringing Enterprise Discounts, AI Driven Automation to AWS Customers

SD Squared launches its AI powered cloud management platform,, with prepaid billing, letting companies avoid bill shock and access the free tier without a credit card.

New Delhi, March 10, 2017 - SD Squared (SD2), a company offering tech outsourcing and cloud management solutions, is announcing the full public launch of its new cloud management platform,, that lets users tap into the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) easily and affordably in what it calls the “Upfront Cloud”. As part of, SD2 is launching a new prepaid AWS wallet that gives customers the option of avoiding bill shock, and not needing a credit card to access the free tier.
Upfront Cloud powered by AI is the start of the SD2 “Upfront Cloud” strategy, allowing customers to get billing discounts, controlled and metered cloud usage without the risk of overage, and a host of additional tools that include free regional migrations.

This new platform uses AI and brings together automation, financial control, expert support and transparency for managing cloud infrastructures. Through a portfolio of services ranging from transacting in 80 different currencies, consolidated billing & prepaid card, automated migrations, and access to on demand help, is a perfect companion for the AWS Cloud.

Through its massive aggregate volume by being one of Asia’s largest AWS Partners, SD2 brings discounts and savings to its customers; both small and large through that they would otherwise never get. This includes accessing the free tier for startups without the need for a credit card.

“CloudOps is focused on the needs of businesses, both small and large, as they navigate what can often be a challenging adoption of the cloud,” said, Sachin Duggal, Founder and Chief Executive Wizard of SD2. “We are also pushing for inclusive access for everyone, especially with our new prepaid wallet. Now, startups will be able to mitigate the challenges of paying for cloud services by managing their expenses upfront, and will also be able to access the AWS Free Tier without needing to register their credit card.”

No need for Credit Cards; no more bill shock
In addition, the company is rolling out a first of it’s kind prepaid wallet, that makes it easier than ever to manage AWS spends.’s Prepaid AWS cloud will vastly improve monitoring for enterprises, allowing for controlled spending and fixed budgets, automated tracking, local currency support, with all information displayed in real time on an easy-to-use dashboard. The Prepaid option represents a huge opportunity for small businesses and startups where personal credit cards are often used for business expenses. With the new AWS prepaid wallet, companies will always know how much they are spending on cloud and will never experience surprise charges.

Free Migrations within the AWS Network; be “Always-Everywhere”
As businesses expand, AWS users need to be closer to their end customers and this includes having their infrastructure closer to reduce latency.’s Always-Everywhere Service allows AWS Customers to move or expand their infrastructure instantly and in most cases, for free. Powered by AI that understands your infrastructure, has moved thousands or copied thousands of AWS Customers between Regions, during its private beta.

Never be Screwed;’s Unscrewed Billing Service
Many Companies don’t like the idea of being locked into a commitment; even if there are massive discounts like in the case of AWS’s Reserved Instances. As part of its “Upfront Cloud” Strategy, uses its AI to look at every instance used across all its hundreds of customers and intelligently purchases & sells AWS Reserved Instances allowing customers to get significant amount of the RI savings without any of the commitment.

About SD2:
SD2 provides end-to-end “peace-of-mind-outsourcing”. The centerfold of the SD Squared strategy is to use artificial intelligence, ridiculous brainpower & deeply vested partnership for bringing customer ideas to life. With over 400 clients worldwide; over 1 billion views of properties, the company has built more than 50 million engaged users and slowly starting the next outsourcing revolution; one ecstatic customer as a time. Founded by Serial Entrepreneurs Sachin Dev Duggal and Saurabh Dhoot, SD Squared has grown at 200% YEAR on Year for the last 4 years.

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