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Have you ever wondered to control all your appliances with one remote? It is needed as we all are crowded by electronic appliances which have remote. It becomes very hectic work to shift to other remote for control of another device. We at TecPhlie deliver solutions to ease your day to day life. Again we are here to help you out with this problem. "Smart Remote" by Seven Hugs is a remote that will definitely cure your problem of changing remote for other device's control.
Smart Remote is a really cool gadget which has won innovation award in the field of home appliances. This gadget allows .you to take control of all your appliances in your home just by pointing towards that appliances/device. Yes just by pointing towards that appliances, plus it also shows you weather reports as well as call Uber for your ride just by pointing towards your gate.!!Now there is no need to worry about the appliances which you left turn on before locking your house. Just turn that appliance off without opening your lock.Isn't it interesting?

This gadget comes with a kit of Smart remote, 3 room sensors and charger.You have to place in your room where you want to use your Smart Remote. Place your 3 room sensors as high as possible.
Before using this gadget you just need to follow some simple steps:-
  • Place 3 room sensors.
  • Add all the appliances to Smart Remote.
  • Point towards any device and control it.
This cool gadget will release your worry of any device whose remote has lost. As this gadget comes with universal compatibility options up to 25000 appliances, also can control anything which supports WiFi, Bluetooth or IR. So if you have lost your TV remote stop worrying and get this gadget and this remote will give you wings for a universal control of appliances in your house.

Product name
Smart Remote by SEVENHUGS
Product description
Universal remote
Controllable devices
Anything which supports wifi, Bluetooth or IR
Battery backup
Whole day
Weather updates
Can call uber

You don't have to worry about the battery life as it comes with full day battery backup for your convince my daily use.
All you need to Get this and give your handsome magical powers of controlling everything.
If you find this interesting or if you want to share your views on this gadget do comment in the comments section, please.



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