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Jio and Paytm are now Bhai- Bhai

Here is What happened today?

Today Morning Vijay Shekhar Sharma the founder of PayTM tweeted saying how he got 60 GB/month when he called Airtel.And there Jio picked up the tweet and instantly replied, using the PayTM tag line and said – “Ab aur koi nahi...Jio Karo! Why pay 2999 when you can get 56GB @ 499 “WITHOUT” calling us . 

The reply was picked up by everyone watching and we got a lot of interest for the Jio offer.And there Airtel and Vodafone were targeted by consumers questioning their high pricing.In all of this Vishal Gondal, the CEO of GoQuii jumped in saying he would like to try Jio.Jio picked that up and replied to him within 4 minutes saying we will get a SIM home delivered wherever he wants it, asking him to private message his number, which he did.

Jio gave him a call within 5 minutes and an appointment was setup for the same day to deliver his

SIM.Vishal Gonda acknowledged this experience saying “WOW, got a call and now will get my SIM in a few hours”.

He got the SIM at the promised time, bought packs for 6 months and was impressed enough to ask the team to onboard his entire office. And then he tweeted a pic along with the SIM to all his followers.

All of this happened in full public view, earning Jio a lot of goodwill and publicity for free.Airtel and Vodafone must learn from Jio

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