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Five most important things for a man to learn in life

  • Nobody knows what the hell they're doing - You know that feeling you get in college when you're trying to decide your major? Or that one when you're picking your first job? That feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness? Yeah, people pretty much feel that almost their entire life. I've had numerous conversations with friends where each of us has said, "What the hell are we doing with our lives?" I have one friend who can't stand his job and is looking for a way out. I have one friend who quit the typical corporate job and now travels the world. I have one friend who quit a high-paying finance job to start a sauce company. I have one friend who I did plays with in high school, he's now a famous actor. In Korea. I started off wanting to be an actor. Now I work in technology sales and write a motivational blog. What's my point? We're all trying to figure it out.
  • No one really cares about you - When most people ask you how they're doing, most of them don't really care. They're just making small talk. Passing the time. Being polite. Entertaining themselves. There are exceptions to this rule, but not many. There are a few people in your life that will deeply and truly care about you. For example, in my life, that's my mom, dad, and sister. And those are the kind of people you always want to keep close to your heart.
    • Experiences are far more valuable than material possessions - Fall in love. Learn to dance salsa. Create a following on your blog. Inspire the world through fashion. Travel the world. Write a book. Help someone in need. These experiences will create far better memories and feelings than any material possession can.
    • Purpose fuels motivation - If you feel a sense of purpose in your work, it will drive you to be at your best. For example, if I told you that sorting through potatoes was your job, would you feel a strong sense of motivation to do that work? What if I told you that you were sorting out the good potatoes that would be given to families in need in the community? I bet your view on the work would change. I'm not here to define your purpose. I'm simply asking you to find yours.
    • Time is your most valuable asset - It's finite. Once you spend it, you can't earn it back. Don't waste the time you've been given. Every day that you wake up is a blessing. Life is short. Focus on what matters.
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