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A watch for the visually impaired.

Now it's possible for a blind person to tell the time. There are watches which speaks out loud the exact time but that was not very convenient. For instance, In schools or in a religious place, it was practically impossible to know the time without disturbing the system.

So, to get over this engineer from all around the world designed analog and digital braille watches. They are used by touching the dial and noticing the crests and troughs along the perimeter of the watch.

Both analog and digital braille watches are available in a variety of styles, just like a normal wristwatch. But the functionality of both the watches is very different to each other. Digital watches use the braille alphabets to tell the time, while the Analog watches have dots in place of digits.There is a glass lid on a hinge and can be easily lifted up, it opens at the 6 o'clock position. The clock hands are also strong and rigid so that it does not move when someone touches it.

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