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Not a lot of people enjoy listening to music in an open space, where quite a lot of noise-elements disrupt the listening experience. This is exactly where headphones/earphones come in handy (not that you can't use it for other purposes, though).

1more is a subsidiary brand of the Xiaomi Company in China (more recently known as Mi). Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Lei Jun – and he had a simple but compelling vision – that high-quality technology shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

So Jun Lei assembled a group of partners from a multitude of the top global technology companies – and his vision began to take shape.  Mi now has multiple product lines spanning smartphones, tablets, televisions, accessories like power banks, and of course audio devices including headphones and earphones.

A lot of people will be very familiar with Xiaomi’s Piston range of earphones – and the earphones I am reviewing today are the result of some of that early development. This time they are branded under Mi’s “1More” brand – the Piston Earbud, and the Piston “Voice” In Ear monitor.
The one thing I really liked when researching their profile was Mi’s company mantra – “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”. With this in mind I was looking forward to trying the new Piston range.

These arrived in an intriguing 75 x 75 x 40mm grey outer box which essentially opens up completely into a cross shape.  It has some specifications written in Chinese on the rear, and then each internal flap has instructions and information about the earbuds (again in Chinese).  I was however able to get all of the required information from their website.

Inside a white plastic internal bag is a fully metal carry case (in 3 tone pink). It is very solid and ideal for protection.  Inside this is 1More’s quite unique storage solution. It is black formed rubber with quite exact forming and internal slots so that the Piston Earbuds can be inserted and the cable wrapped around and neatly tucked inside.  It is elegant, simple, and works incredibly well. The base of the rubber formed holding apparatus has a hollow – and the accessory bag was tucked inside this.  It simply included 2 pairs of their ear stabilisers.  I was genuinely surprised there was no foam covers included as well – but this was no issue for me as I already had some on hand.

The sound signature is definitely V shaped, but with a controlled bass that does not bleed heavily to other frequencies, and a detailed highs. The mids are great too, but not as great as the  highs and the lows. If you compare those earphones with the Pistons (I only have 2.0, not the 3.0), the 1more are more balanced, a less heavy on bass without excessive bleed and with more information in the high frequencies region. The mids are not recessed, but can't be described as "sweet".

And ... I listened to those phones with FiiO X3 second generation, Iphone 6S, Ipad Air 2 and Nexus 5.

Iphone 6S - great sound, not too much bass, 80-90% of volume is enough for most genres
Ipad Air 2 - more open sound than on the Iphone, more air, more volume, definitely better sound.
Nexus 5 - darker sound with bass bleed into other frequencies. This is not a good source for those earphones.

 If someone will ask me for recommendation of cheap and good sounding earphones I will surely recommend these earphones, as they sound really good to my taste, have a nice set of bundled stuff.

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