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MIUI 9 coming to your Xiaomi Phone? - See Which Devices Are Supported!

Xiaomi has special things planned for MIUI 9, but not all phones will receive the update, so will your Xiaomi phone get the latest and greatest update?

Xiaomi MIUI9

Firs of all, let's talk a bit more about MIUI9.


Here is a list and explanation of some of the announced new features in Xiaomi MIUI 9!

  • Multi-Window Support Feature
The ability to run two apps on the same screen at once has been available with rival company Meizu, for quite some time, but the features is now fully supported with Android Nougat 7.0 for all Android devices, and this has been an area Xiaomi desperately need to catch up, as their Note series will benefit greatly from split-screen apps.

Multi-window apps

Running apps like Facebook with Youtube, or Chrome with Facebook on the same screen, really helps you save time on the go.

  • Reply To Notifications Without Unlocking the Phone
With Android Nougat you'll be able to reply to messages and notifications without the need to fully unlock your phone and running the app, but from the notification itself, this again will save you time, and frankly should have been implemented with Android 6.0 long ago.

  • Better Memory and Internet Data Management
RAM usage is MIUI has been a very focal topic since fans believe the system eats more resources than it should and Xiaomi are finally addressing the RAM hogging issue here. MIUI 9 will only cache actively used apps and ones that are rarely used will not load from the start. MIUI 9 itself will take less RAM, since Android 7.0's kernel is actually lighter. Another greatly improved area will be Internet Data Saver technology. Browsing the web and watching videos online will now be less taxing on your data plan. Xiaomi promises up to 30% less data used than previous MIUI iterations!

  • Always-On VPN
You can now browse the web securely or incognito with the Always-ON VPN feature that will be built-in from the start.


Android Nougat

There are numerous other features, not yet revealed to the general public, but I do believe the listed above make a really good point to upgrade your Xiaomi phone if you are not in the supported list!

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