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Meizu Pro 7 Unveiled - Will be a real BEAST!

Meizu Pro 7

This morning Meizu have posted information on their upcoming flagship - Meizu Pro 7!Needless to say, we were more than a little excited! Meizu phones are a thing of beauty and craftsmanship is up there with Samsung and Huawei.

Last year's Meizu Pro 6 was a good phone,

Meizu Pro 6

but a lacklustre camera and nothing to really make it stand out in the crowd was the reason that
it didn't sell as well as Meizu had hoped. This year the lesson has been learned and Meizu Pro 7 is packing more than a few strong selling points!

Industry Leading 5.7-inch 4K UHD Display

Meizu Pro 7 Display

With VR becoming mainstream in the next year or two, UHD or 4K(3860x2160) displays are really getting a lifeline and naturally, Meizu Pro 7 will be future-proof! Believe me, the difference in VR with 2K(QHD) and 4K(UHD) display is immense! You'll really be able to immerse yourself like never before and really become a part of the movie or gaming experience with the help of your smartphone.

With 1116 pixels per inch pixel density and 10000:1 Contrast with 1800 cd/m2 brightness, you'll no longer be even slightly impaired by direct sunlight!

UPGRADED Sony IMX362 Camera

Meizu Pro 7 Camera

Sony's flagship 2016 IMX362 will make sure you can record 4K videos, have great low-light performance and accurate color and light reproduction. This is thought to be one of the most expensive sensors, Sony has ever produced and currently only used in  Chinese Smartphone behemoth Vivo's Xplay 6 that launched last month.

Carrying Sony's new Dual-Pixel Phase-Detection Auto-Focus technology, the sensor is said to be the best in the world currently in taking photos of moving objects without any blur or distortion.

First Smartphone with Helio X30 10-Core SoC

Helio X30

Mediatek's latest flagship SoC will be the first for the company to actually compete with the rest in terms of performance and battery life! Build on the newest 10nm fab, the Helio X30 promises to be 50%+ faster and 30%+ more efficient than the current Helio X20!

Moving on from the A72 cores to the new A73 for higher single-thread performance and having the smallest A35 for efficiency in a CPU Tri-Cluster we could be looking at the best battery life in 2017! Packing the same graphics as the iPhone 7, the Helio X30 will feature the monstrous Power VR7XT!

                         Helio X30 specs

Helio X30 is definitely looking like the first truly flagship SoC that MTK have ever done, and it could be a last ditch attempt to put pressure on Qualcomm for the Flagship crown. On top of that Meizu Pro 7 will be packing 8GBs RAM, only made possible with the latest Helio X30 chip.

In short, Meizu Pro 7 looks to really please all enthusiasts and long-term Meizu fans alike! I for one am impressed with the features and especially the display and camera!

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