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Meet Smarter, Comfortable and Convenient apps/services all need

21st-century Scenario is that everyone wants smarter, comfortable and convenient life. So today we are going to focus on some cool applications and services that everyone needs to ease their lives. Our analysis is based on the parameter to make life easy with their services.

Apps you need to ease your life

Grammarly - Makes writing easier by keeping your spelling & grammar in-check.

Google text to speech – Converts input text to speech.

ByWord - What I write every article in.

LastPass - the Password manager, can create shared password folders

Skitch - I use this every day for screenshots and mockups, the quickest way to demonstrate ideas.

Slack - Messaging app for teams

ScreenFlow - For screen recordings and video editing

RescueTime - Stay accountable of your time; app runs in the background and tracks your productivity

Transmission - Best way to download torrent files

VLC - Best way to watch movies on your computer

Inshorts - News in 60 words.

Smarter. Comfortable. Convenient. Workplace.

Ray Executive study Chair – For comfort, you need at the workplace.

LG Watch Sport - Google's Android phone on your wrist.

Apple MacBook Air 13 - The Apple MacBook Air has always remained a great, all-purpose everyday machine and makes for one of the best laptops in India

B&W Speakers - A recent edition but the BEST speakers I've ever had.

Roost Stand - Transforms your laptop into an ergonomic desktop workstation.

LG Rolly keyboard – A wireless portable keyboard which folds into a stick.

Chrome Extensions for better browsing experience.

News Feed Eradicator - Procrastination killer. Removes your FB newsfeed. Install it.

The Great Suspender - Saves computer power by turning off tabs you haven’t used in awhile

Data Saver - Reduce the data your computer or smartphone needs to access websites.

Google Input Tools - Type in the language of your choice.

Google Mail Checker - Glance at the number of unread emails in your inbox.

Google Tone - An experimental Chrome extension for sharing URLs between computers using sound.

Caret Browsing - Browse a webpage with just the arrow keys.

Essential apps for online services.

ConvertKit - Powerful email marketing. I use for LittleMight and CalmTheHam emails.

Google Drive – Give a cloud space for your files, photos, and folders.

Shoeboxed - Scan, track and organize receipts. Makes tax time a breeze.

Shopify - Set up a store within mere hours. I use it on both and Calm the Ham.

WP Engine - Word press hosting. It's fast, secure and has amazing customer service.

GoToMeeting - An ideal platform to hold meetings and conferences.

Trivago – A search engine for hotels all around the world

Policy bazar – Compare Policy online

Oyo rooms – Go anywhere and stay anywhere.

Phone pe  - Best payment options.

True caller – Phone dialer information

Asana:  team management app allows you to easily communicate with your employees.

What other services or app comforts you, comment in the comments section. All you need is to install these apps and live life with an ease. For better tomorrow be smart, live comfortably and conveniently.

Shrey Kapoor is a Tech-Enthusiast, Harvard certified Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Expert. He Founder, which is one of the India's Top Tech News Website. Even Forbes and many other renowned publishers took his articles reference. Shrey is a Technology analyst, strategic thinker and creative writer who is passionate to deliver the best, latest possible Tech-News to his followers and subscribers. He completed his masters in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, certified in IPR, T.Q.M. & ISO 9001:2008 In Quality Management Systems.

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