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Main Reasons Not To Buy Meizu M5S!

Meizu M5s looks like a really good deal on the surface but is it really that lucrative?
Furthermore, is this the best phone you can get for ~150$?
Meizu M5S
Most of all, how does it compare to the competition?
Firstly, let's take a look at the specs of the Meizu M5s

Meizu M5S Specs

Display - 5.2" HD/720p IPS
CPU - MT6753 (1.3GHz Octa-Core)
Graphics - Mali 720MP3 GPU
Memory - 3GB RAM/16 or 32GB ROM
Camera - 13MP f/2.2 Sony Exmor Camera
(PDAF, Dual-Tone Flash)
3000mAh Battery, Metal Body
Fingerprint sensor, Fast Charge(only on 32GB Version)
Android 6.0.1(Flyme 6)
Seems like pretty decent specs, a?
However like in life things aren't always what they seem on the surface!

Main Reason Not to Buy Meizu M5s - Old MT6753

Mediatek's Octa-Core 6753 was first released in the beginning of 2015, yes two years ago!
Compared to modern architecture it's not much different in most aspects like CPU cores(uses A53)
however, the fabrication process is outdated and the modem and GPU simply are not up to par.
Furthermore, all problems with Meizu M5S come from that MT6753 and let's start pointing them out.
In fact, Meizu used MT6753 in Meizu M2 Note, back in 2015 and here's proof:
Meizu M2 Note 6753


Featuring an older Mali 720 GPU architecture, gaming and benchmarks scores are less than stellar.
meizu m5s antutu
Browsing the web and general tasks will not slow down the old MT6753, but heavy gaming
like playing Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5 and CSR:Racing 2 lag a lot.
Most noteworthy, the MT6753 was outclassed in 2015 by the much faster MT6752!
Today, newer MTK chips like MT6750 and Helio P10, P20 completely destroy it in every
aspect and category. Definitely, not a good option for smartphone longevity these days.
Newer Mali 860 architecture in the above-mentioned chips is not only faster but supports
better graphics and consumes less power than the old  Mali 720 in MT6753.
However, 2D games and light 3D(runners)will run fine.

Efficiency\Battery Life

Maybe I should have started with that, but performance is always number 1 factor with most readers.
MTK6753 was built using an older and cheaper process and thus heats up more.
The more heat a chip dissipates, the more power it consumes, hence less battery life, and that
goes very much for gaming, as the MT6753 drains battery like crazy when gaming.
On top of all that, the modem inside is also larger, hence cellular data activity and GPS also take a greater toll on the battery life than modern chips.
As an example a modern Snapdragon 430 or MT6750 consumer 2x+ times less energy when
4G is switched on or in standby mode.
In short, the best you can expect as a battery life is 3-4Hrs of screen-on-time a day with 4G turned on, which is really below par by today's standards.
Most of you will be reaching for the charger before the end of the day if you are a heavier user.


Android nougat
Meizu often update their FlymeOS, but most of the times it's just a functions update
and not a version update(like from Lollipop to Marshmallow).
Most noteworthy, no device with MT6753 has received Nougat(unless through CyanogenMod)
So, there definitely won't be an official update from Meizu.

Competition and Price

Another huge reason not to buy the M5S is the rich competition at that price point(100-150$).
Strangely, even Meizu have more competitive products at that price range like
Meizu M5 with MT6750 and Meizu M5 Note with Helio P10.
Xiaomi have a few better devices as well like the Redmi 4(Snapdragon 430/625)Xiaomi Redmi 4 antutu
Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime costs just a little over 150$ and is more than twice better!

Other noteworthy devices in that price range are Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4!
All closely priced to Meizu M5S and with better specs and battery life!
Another great option using the same MT6753 is the Oukitel U13 with 64GB Storage,
16 MP camera and FHD screen FOR JUST 129,99$
Oukitel U13 64GB

You can check out reviews for all the phone mentioned above in my Youtube channel!


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