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KW88 Smartwatch Review - AMOLED Display and FULL SMARTPHONE EXPERIENCE!

KingWear KW88 smartwatch is just a phenomenal, most noteworthy stunning value for the price. Chinese smartwatches have never been this good at such a low price, offering an incredible AMOLED display, GPS, SIM Slot and a full Android experience it simply shines compared to the competition.

Today, we'll be taking a look at why KW88 should be your choice for a smartwatch!

KW88 Smartwatch Display

KW88 Smartwatch Specs

Chiese smartwatches used to be slow with just a handful of features and compared to big brands Samsung Gear and LG G Watch, they felt like a step back, but KW88 is actually a step forward!

KW88 Smartwatch Specs

Running on a Quad-Core CPU with 512MB RAM and a complete Android experience, KW88 is not only a smartwatch but can be a smartphone replacement!
Just log into your Google account and download any app you use on your phone and it will run
on the KW88! There is also a decent speaker and camera on the watch and you can take photos and videos and upload directly to Facebook and Instagram with the watch!
Browsing the web and watching youtube on your watch are now possible too!

Thanks to us you can now get the best price for KW88 AMOLED Smartwatch!

KW88 Smartwatch Functions

Smartwatches are mostly used as fitness trackers and with GPS enabled KW88 really stands out! You can download the full Runtastic app and keep track of your runs, heart rate and mileage! The included Pedometer app can also be used and is very accurate.

KW88 Pedometer

KW88 Smartwatch supports BT, GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular Data with a simple press.Functions menu is located by swiping up from your watch face/home screen.

KW88 Smartwatch Settings

Connecting to your smartphone is done via third-party software called SinWear, which can be installed from Google Playstore. SInWear is also available for iPhone, so the KW88 can be used as a iOS Smartwatch too! With the app, you will get all app notifications from social media and emails, as a bonus you get to see the picture of who's sending you something and if you have the app installed on the KW88 you can directly reply from the watch! SinWear app can also be used to find your phone and find the watch if you've misplaced it somewhere nearby. You can also use the KW88 as a remote control music player and camera. The apps and settings menu can be located by swiping to your right from the home screen.

KW88 smartwatch apps

If you want to use the KW88 Smartwatch as a full smartphone replacement you can pop-in yournano-sim card in the back and use it to make/receive calls and everything you can do on a smartphone really! The sim-slot is bolted shut on the back, but KW88 comes with a small screwdriver packed in the box, just for that.

KW88 sim slot

Above the sim-tray, you can see the heart-rate sensor and next to it is the charging module. KW88 smartwatch also supports the mandatory wrist-turn for the time function flawlessly.

KW88 smartwatch box

KW88 Smartwatch WATCHFACES

Naturally, no smartwatch experience is complete without watch faces, so that every user can customise their own experience, here are some of the awesome ones provided from the get-go

K88-watchface K88-watchface K88-watchface K88-watchface K88-watchface K88-watchface

KW88 Smartwatch Battery Life

With moderate usage, you can definitely get 2 days out of the KW88, which is more compared to the competition. You can use the watch-only mode at any time to save battery and even turn it off at night if you don't need it and by doing so you can even get up to 3 days!
Be warned that installing apps from the Playstore, playing videos and using GPS a lot takes a heavy toll on the battery and as a more smartphone experience battery will get you through the day most of the times, but not more. Luckily, KW88 charges super-quickly and you'll be up to 100% within 40-50mins!

Thanks to us you can now get the best price for KW88 AMOLED Smartwatch!

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