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Huawei P10 Specs, Price and Design REVEALED!

Huawei P10

Greetings Huawei fans,

Today we received official confirmation in the form of a banner for the highly anticipated Huawei P10!

Pricing and RAM/Storage options included.

Two weeks ago we revealed that Huawei's next commercial flagship will be packing Kirin 960/965 with 2K display and enhanced sound design from

What we didn't know for sure was the rest of the specs and most importantly - PRICE! We briefed you yesterday that you will probably have to start saving from now if you want to get Samsung S8 or LG G6, you can check the article.

Read that here : Samsung S8 and LG G6 New Details - SMARTPHONE NEWS ROUNDUP!

Will Huawei P10 be cheaper?
Will it offer better specs?

Huawei P10 Price

Huawei  P10 prices are:

4GB RAM + 32GB ROM version ~500$(35000 Rs)
4GB RAM + 64GB ROM version ~590$(40000 Rs)
6GB RAM + 128GB ROM version ~690$(46000 Rs)

P10 Plus prices are as follows:

4GB RAM + 64GB ROM version ~720$(50000 Rs)
6GB RAM + 128GB ROM version ~830$ (57000 Rs)

Huawei P10 will remain  5.2 inches in size with the P10 Plus to be 5.5 inches! The CPU will be upgraded to Kirin 965 (higher CPU and GPU clock speeds). Leica will continue to provide the  Dual Camera Sensors, but with an improved f/2.0 aperture.  The monochrome sensor is expected to be 20MP like in the Mate 9, while the RGB sensor will stay at 12MP. The camera will also feature OIS!

Battery size will be 3100mAh for the Huawei P10 and 3650mAh for the larger Huawei P10 Plus! The design is super-awesome and very much like the  Honor Magic concept phone

Huawei are really looking to put the pressure on Samsung S8 and LG G6 with a cheaper flagship that is equally as stunning and might offer better camera experience. Huawei P10 and P10 Plus will be launched at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Spain at the end of this month!

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