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Xiaomi Preparing a Mi Mix Successor with Snapdragon 835!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo

While many would argue, it's an undeniable fact that Xiaomi's concept phone "Mi Mix" changed the smartphone game last year and was the most talked device. The Mi Mix is still selling with ridiculous pricing all over the world(~1000USD)!

People really wanted to get one, but because it's concept design very few are being made and the price is high. Soon after that Huawei jumped on the concept phone train with the Honor Magic, that boasted a very cool design and new Software Experience - Magic OS.

Honor Magic

The Mi Mix definitely had problems like being slippery and not very durable, and that's why Xiaomi is looking to followup with the Mi Mix Evo!

Yesterday a geekbench score was leaked with a device running Snapdragon 835 and the test device was dubbed - Mi Mix Evo

Xiaomi Mi Mix Evo Geekbench

Besides what you see here, nothing else is known, and as you can see the test device had 4GB RAM, which could hint that this is the much debated rumoured more compact version of the Mi Mix (between 4.7-5.0 inches), since the RAM is definitely not flagship worthy these days, or could just be a test board.
Could also be the concept name for Xiaomi Mi 6, I personally think it's the compact version, but tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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