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What actually is treat for your startup ?

With growing ecosystem of startup around the globe brings in major threat to their innovations too. Many startups often start from living room or college canteen. Many successful startups in India indicated that few like minded innovators joins hand with strength in different domain and start the development work to showcase the proof of concept. Proof of concept with viable business case is very important to get the seed funding.

In the event of self funding or through seed funding, startup generally hire the first line of employee through reference without going through the background check.There comes the threat of human vulnerability which is maximum in the information security domain.

We generally trust our resources and treat them as family to inflict conviction and confidence within the team member but sometimes some of the resources turns hostile and hurt the company.

It is very important for startup to implement network security but the usages of basic email server to common hosting server works for the worst. As startup founders invest their life savings to effort in order to achieve the goal and it is important for all of us to implement human intelligence as first line of defense to mitigate any security breach which may cost us unavoidable failure.

Many resources complain that they are not allowed to attend phone calls, whatsapp or any other messaging application within office. Some of them complain that they are not allowed to leave the office during office hours or they are not allowed to carry laptop back home.

I do understand the concern of the resources and they suffer just because of few resources who is not ethical while performing their duties. It's unfortunate that some of the resources intentionally or unintentionally share company information with friends or relatives or XYZ, which may lead to leaking of confidential information about product, potential business etc.

When it comes to security we talk of routers to switch to IPS/IPS, DDoS, penetration testing to Vulnerability Assessment but it does not work in startup ecosystem. If one wants to secure the innovation till it’s released in the market, it is utmost important the founder should keep an eye on everyone based on multiple intelligence mechanism.

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