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Power packed Innovations - The Year Ahead-2017

LG believes in a holistic approach towards designing a particular product that leads to an ideal user experience. Each and every product designed by LG Electronics focuses on ‘Innovation for a better tomorrow. The main focus has always been the design and the functionality of the products, keeping in mind the consumer-centric perspective. As a result, they are innovative, efficient, sophisticated, trendy and technologically advanced products.

LG creates an efficient, comfortable and stylish lifestyle the customers with a range of innovative and portable appliances designed for the busiest spaces in their home. Right from the moment they wake up in the morning to the time they retire in their cool and comfortable bedrooms mocking the weather outside – LG takes care of all consumers Needs.

The next generation of TVs poised to enter the market in 2017. They will draw attention to the advances made in color technologies in 4K, 8K and OLED displays to build enthusiasm for the next wave of TVs. LG’s 4K TVs have set the standard for premium picture quality, offering consumers an incredibly immersive viewing experience with superior picture quality compared to current HD displays.

The third generation LG SUPER UHD TV lineup featuring Nano Cell technology will render the most realistic images possible, creating highly nuanced, accurate colors while enabling wider viewing angles. The Nano Cell LCD displays offer a technological advantage by employing uniformly-sized particles to create more subtle, accurate colors that can be viewed from wider angles than other TVs. Also LG’s newest and the most exciting 4K HDR Monitors are HDR Compatible and the 4K monitor delivers huge boost in productivity, and gaming for both work and play.

They are considered to be the ‘future of television’, LG’s TVs are by far one of the most innovative and promising display technologies ever designed.
Also, a new era of design driven aesthetics have become a fundamental necessity. The new norm for smartphones sold are intended for extended use and will have features that effectively resist breaking, even by accident along with great audio and video support. To supplement this LG’s V20 smartphone was constructed using of premium materials that can commonly be found on aircraft, sailboats and mountain bikes, and this helps it achieve on both fronts.

LG has always believed in the philosophy that customers always seek new features in a smartphone. LG’s updated K Series being unveiled in 2017, focuses on the diverse needs of consumers. Hence, keeping this n mind LG’s K8, K4, K3(the smallest in the series) along with the third generation Stylus 3 will debut this year.
LG has always believed in designing a product in a way which not only makes it appear elegant and sophisticated but also be customer friendly. 2017 looks to see the continuation of these trends, as the products which shape the world around us are improved to better suit evolving user trends and market demographics.

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