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Panasonic Launches ALL - IN ONE Smart Business Platform

Introduces new KX - HTS824 (Compact Hybrid IP – PBX) server and  Open standard SIP phones HDV 100, 130, 230, 330, 430 phone series
o   The HTS server with in-skin IP 6C0 and 24 Extn. and an in built WiFi router
o   Open standard SIP phone with HD voice Quality and Video Communication

New Delhi, 18th January 2016: Panasonic India today announced the launch of its latest IP embedded server KX- HTS 824, along with a full range of SIP Phones starting from basic single port phone HDV100 to HDV430 video phone.

The KX-HTS824 is an all in one advanced Hybrid IP-PBX server which is Panasonic’s first ever IP offering embedded server under 24 extensions. The product gives the customers a distinctive addition of using it according to their needs, that is only analog (8 CO, 24 Ext.), only IP (6 CO, 24 Ext.) or a combination of both. The server is powered with an embedded Wi-Fi router which enables the user to be on call anytime even outside their respective workstation. The KX – HTS824 server also supports video communication devices, enabling the user to make a video call with the company officials on the go. The product is an ideal pick for the communication needs Small Medium Business (SMB) owners.

The KX HDV series of SIP phones is the first of its kind to incorporate HD SONIC features in a phone, with hardware and software built to maximize voice quality and wideband communication performance. The SIP phones within the series are open standard in nature and are hence compatible with all makes of IP/SIP communication servers. The phones advanced hardware features, allowing users to forward, hold, transfer, switch, conference, and reject calls with the click of a button. The LCD panel has the capacity to indicate caller ID, message waiting and missed calls received on the device, and the software enables blacklisting and local phonebook storage. The KX – HDV430 and KX – HDV330 come with built in Bluetooth and 4.3 inch TFT LCD panel with touch panel and a phonebook capacity of up to 2500. In addition, KX-HDV430 can also be used for video communication.
Commenting on the launch, Mr Vijay Wadhwan, Director Systems Solutions Division, Panasonic India said, “Our strategy in India is to increase our B2B imprint while also solidifying our position as one of the leaders in the SIP phone and server segment. We feel that with the spate of new technology and the characteristics we have added, leading upto the KX HTS824 will make it a formidable player in the market” 
Mr. Ajay Madan, Business Head, Communication and security division, Panasonic India, said, “We at Panasonic are extremely pleased with our new offerings of KX - HTS824 (Hybrid IP – PBX) and the new line of HDV SIP phones. The two have been strategically characterized in a manner to assist the communication needs of SMB’s and enterprise companies.  SIP Phones are crucial to the functioning of small business enterprises as it remains a reliable source of communication within the company. Similarly Hybrid HTS server makes for an ideal partner for a SIP phone as it can satisfy both analog and IP needs likewise”.
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