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Now invite a new Member in Whatsapp group via Link

Hey Guys, In This Guide I will tell you about how you can create link to join your WhatsApp group publicly. If you have created a Whatsapp group, and you want to add many people like people from Facebook Groups, etc. then you have to add each and every person in your contact in then add them in the group. But now, adding people in Your Whatsapp group is much easier with the help of whats-app group invitation link.

You can Just Create One link, Which you can share anywhere, if anyone click on that link from his/her WhatsApp mobile then they will be able to join your WhatsApp group. Now it’s Very easy to add other people in WhatsApp groups, cause you just need one link and other people can join your group or you can join other people’s groups.
  • Click on Settings option > Group info.
  • Tap on add member option.
  • Click on invite group via link.
  • Now wait a moment, that's it.
  • Whats-app group link successfully created.
Advantages of WhatsApp group Join Link Method

This WhatsApp group join trick have many advantages, checkout some of the benefits for create WhatsApp group link and let other people join your WhatsApp chat.

  • Time Saving, No Need to Save Contact of the person in your Phone before adding in the group.
  • Anyone Can join your group with just simple link, no need of any password or any other mess.
  • No Approval required anyone can join without giving you the notification to add the member of not like Facebook group 😀 .

  • Disadvantage – Anyone can join your group and spam it.

    Solution – you can also revoke your group join link, so anyone will not be able to join your group from your link whenever you want 😉

    Final Words

    So This was the Full Guide, Which you can follow for creating WhatsApp group joining link for anyone. Anyone can open your link and join your group publicly. But Remember that you can add maximum 256 Members in one WhatsApp group maximum. So After your group reaches 256 Members, Anyone will not be able to join your group via your link, until any group member leave the group or you remove him / her. So Simply Enjoy this excellent guide and stay tuned for more cool stuff like this, Thanks for visiting this Blog and Peace out 🙂

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