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Mr Mittal Turning into the Telecom Trump

Recently in an Interview after the launch of Airtel payments Bank Sunil Mittal said Reliance Jio's free offer is hitting the sector adversely and has created unfair competition in the market which his firm has challenged before court.This was done to stop Jio’s extended offer after 3rd Dec for which a 25-page petition was filed before the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT).
Airtel has always used the word “Free” in all of its press releases where the customer actually had to pay some money before availing the offer. Then how can they claim that giving something for free disrupts the market when they are the ones using it for marketing activities. Even if Jio is providing free services it is not helping Jio earn any profit it is only the customer who benefits.
People blame Reliance for always using the government for profits but here it's the opposite, Airtel has been facing losses due to Jio and the effects of demonetization where the Revenue is reduced . In the BAML report it is clearly mentioned that Airtel has the most loyal customers and had a 97.7% retention rate still why do they have to go after the extension offer.

In the recent launch of the new Airtel payment banks they announced to give higher interest to acquire 100 million bank accounts Reliance Jio has done the same by giving free offers to gain 100 million so if airtel decides to sue Jio over it this is clear hypocrisy.
It's an open market so why does Airtel get to decide what the minimum price should be. Before Jio 1 GB data costed around to 250 to 300 INR now the same is come down to 100 INR which has led to a telecom revolution. So the definition of fair competition according to airtel is only when the company earns profits it is fair the customers say doesn't matter.
The Attorney General recommended the Department of Telecommunications to penalize Airtel, Vodafone and Idea for denying adequate interconnect points to Reliance Jio, a total of 3,050 crore. This is now confirmed by law that these operators are guilty of failing to provide QoS to their customers and yet are not ready to get off their high horse when it comes to jio.

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