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iPhone Ranked India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phone, Samsung Mobiles Follows at 2nd Place

iPhone Ranked Indias Most Reputed Mobile Phone, Samsung Mobiles Follows at 2nd Place

Micromax ranks 3rd Most Reputed - the only Indian brand among top 5

Mumbai, India, 4 January, 2017: The American multinational mobile brand, iPhone is ranked as India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phone brand in a study by BlueBytes in association with TRA Research (both part of the Comniscient Group). In terms of sheer volume, Apple iPhone had the highest positive media appearances. The second most Reputed brand in the list, despite the controversies surrounding the exploding Note 7, is South Korea's Samsung Mobiles, which had a Brand Rep Score 67% lower than the iPhone. The first Indian consumer electronics company to feature in the list and 3rd in All-India featured Micromax with a Brand Rep Score 94% lower than Samsung. The fourth and fifth position is secured by China's Xiaomi and Finland's Nokia, which recently promised a comeback in India with two Android phones. 72 mobile phone brands were listed from 12 different countries featured in the India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phone Brands 2017 Report. Of these, Indian origin phones held the maximum positions – 29 brands. 15 are from China and 8 from USA. BlueBytes is set to launch a Report each month that covers different Sectors. The study evaluates Brand Reputation by analyzing media perceptions and consumer perceptions.

“Reputation can be seen as a currency that the brand can earn through positive action, communication, or sometimes erode due to lack of the same. Reputation has to be consistently maintained, monitored, and enhanced. In a cluttered space like the mobile phone industry, with diverse brands attempting to capture consumer attention, customers buy and recommend on the basis of reputation, making it the most important influencer of buying decisions,” said Pooja Kaura, Chief Spokesperson for India’s Most Reputed Brands. Among the top ten, Chinese multinationals Lenovo, Huawei, and Motorola (now owned by Lenovo) rank sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively. LG (South Korea) and Intex (India) complete the top 10 in this exclusive list.

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India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phone Brands 2017 (ISBN: 978-81-932924-5-7), was a study conducted within the Mobile Phone Industry with BlueBytes analyzing news of 72 mobile phone brands in all the major English and Hindi print media (newspapers and magazines) across 9 cities as a representative of the news across all media. A total of more than 60,000 articles related to different Mobile Phone brands were captured in the period between November 1, 2015, and October 31, 2016. In addition to news analysis, the consumers perception was also studied and this part of the analysis was contributed by TRA Research, which interviewed 2,500 consumer-influencers on the aspect of Respect. The 56-page, report is available for Rs. 999/-.

Indias Most Reputed Brands

‘Indias Most Reputed Brands’ is a product of BlueBytes in association with TRA Research, both nested under the Comniscient Group. The companies bring together a unique synergy in the business of Reputation measurement. The Report leverages their unique specialties – BlueBytes, which is focused on measuring transmission of respect as perceived via the Print Media, and TRA, which specializes in measuring consumer perception. BlueBytes tracks all the brands’ news in all the major English and Hindi print media (newspapers and magazines) across 9 cities as a representative of the news across all publications. While TRA Research contributes with interviews on 2,500 consumer-influencers on the aspect of Commanding Respect. ‘Indias Most Reputed Brands’ is a one-of-a-kind study. BlueBytes and TRA Research are geared towards mapping the Reputation topography of different Sectors. There are four reports covering different sectors in the Reputed series - India's Most Reputed Aviation Brands 2016, India's Most Reputed Pharmaceutical Brands 2016, India's Most Reputed Real Estate Brands 2016 and India's Most Reputed Mobile Phones Brands 2017.

About BlueBytes

Founded in 2003, BlueBytes, a part of the Comniscient Group, is India’s leading media-analytics company with making it an indispensible tool for tracking, managing, and analyzing media coverage from print and online sources. BlueBytes News offers media analyzes 4,000 articles daily and extends services to 250 marquee clients from 20 diverse Sectors. This year Bluebytes plans to launch 12 reports of India’s Most Reputed Brands from different Sectors and last Month the company launched India’s Most Reputed Aviation Brands.

About TRA Research

TRA Research (formerly Trust Research Advisory), a part of the Comniscient Group, is a Brand Intelligence and Data Insights Company dedicated to understanding and analysing stakeholder behaviour through two globally acclaimed proprietary matrices of Brand TrustTM and Brand AttractivenessTM. TRA Research conducts a primary research with consumers and stakeholders to assist brands with their business decisions based on our insights on Consumer Behaviour. TRA Research provides Competitive Intelligence Reports mined from more than 15 million data-points on brand intangibles of 20,000 brands and also provides bespoke studies based on the same matrices. TRA Research is also the publisher of 'The Brand Trust ReportTM and of 'India's Most Attractive BrandsTM.

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