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High-performance, zero emission and low price: Okinawa launches e-vehicles of the future in India

E-automobile manufacturer to produce high-speed electric two-wheelers, breaking the myth that eco-friendly transportation can’t be efficient

New Delhi, January 23, 2017: It’s often assumed that powerful inventions and the most efficient products must necessarily be a drain on natural resources and financially out of reach for many. Changing this popular perception and powering the change in India is the launch of Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd, India’s fastest growing and most disruptive e-automobile manufacturer. Okinawa is a young company manufacturing high-speed electric two-wheelers/scooters for the Indian market. Its mission is to alter the belief that e-automobiles can’t match the power, speed and efficiency of traditional petrol vehicles.
It’s zero emission vehicles clock speeds of 55+ km/hr. With only a normal charging duration of 6-8 hours, Okinawa’s e-scooters can cover distances of almost 200 km in upcoming models. Furthermore, it offers dual charging systems while the normal mode takes anywhere between 6-8 hours. Buyers have the option of a fast mode of charging as well which does the trick and gets the vehicle up and running within 1-2 hours! Combined with the savings it generates through zero fuel and engine oil costs, Okinawa’s vehicles win hands down in any comparison with its peers, even those driven by conventional fuels when it comes to sheer performance.
Okinawa’s vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides the best of performance and sustainability. Furthermore, these vehicles are fitted with unique utility features such as anti-theft alarm, speedometer, Central locking smart controller (with EABS) as well as an Eco and power mode of operations. These features are set to endear Okinawa’s vehicles further to the Indian consumers, who have already started warming up to the concept of e-automobiles.


In terms of looks and aesthetics, Okinawa’s latest product, Ridge, is a beautiful, aerodynamically designed scooter that will appeal to riders from the ages of 18-60 years. The scooter is available in eye-catching colour combinations of red, green-gold, red-white and white. Alloy wheels, tubeless tyres and telescopic suspension further empower the vehicle to handle any kind of terrain, whether they are the clogged roads of the cities or the barely-there roads of rural India. With a loading capacity of 150 kg and under-the-seat storage, Ridge has also outperformed any other e-bike/scooter in its category in terms of visual effectiveness combined with utility. Considering the sustainability, ROI and environmental benefits it brings to the table, ‘Ridge’ soars above the rest with inimitable ease.
Commenting on the beginning of their operations, Mr Jeetender Sharma, MD Okinawa Scooters said, “Being an Indian company, our vision is to be a leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer by offering a solution to the daily commuting needs of the average person. We aim to empower all our stakeholders through products that add to their lifestyle without subtracting anything from the environment. By making technology and nature ride together, Okinawa is poised to create a revolution in India’s transportation space. We promise never-seen-before performance standards and are driven by our motto of ‘Power the Change’ in each and every component of our vehicles. They run fast, are great to look at, come at extremely affordable prices and are a big ray of hope to curtail the amount of environmental degradation.”
Mr Sharma further added, “We have prepared a detailed state-wise expansion plan and will be following up the ‘Ridge’ with other scooters which have unique features such as accident detection, app-enabled vehicle maintenance, and smart controller-based road positioning. We are extremely hopeful that the Indian consumer will begin to travel on the path of a safer and more sustainable future, riding on Okinawa’s vehicles.”
Approved by ICAT and GOI for complying with regulatory standards and available for insurance with almost all leading insurance companies, Okinawa’s vehicles will also prove to be a very hassle-free purchase for buyers. Combined with its intense focus on providing high-quality products with complete customer satisfaction, the organisation is sure to emerge as the flag-be arer of a new, ‘electrically mobile, environmentally conscious’ India of the future, ‘Powering the Change’ through its range of powerful, feature-packed and highly effective vehicles.

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