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Gaming Smartphones to look out for in 2017

Can you really call yourself a gamer, if you only play games on smartphone? NO.. Definitely not.. But thinking otherway around, does a gamer need smartphone, and  answer surprisingly becomes YES. Here are list of few features that a gamer should look for before buying his next smartphone.


2016 to be honest, was just one of the years for smartphones. No new innovation in terms of design, concept or any dimension whatsoever was observed, But we expect it to change in 2017, just because we are little optimistic. 

ONEPLUS 4 ( Ex. July ) is one of smartphone that you should definitely look for this year if gaming is your top most priority. OnePlus have history of making high end premium android phones at really competitive price, and OnePlus 4, which will be next line up of series is no exception. It usually features high end processor from snapdragon (835 this time), 5.5" screen and decent battery with OnePlus DASH charge support.

MOTO G 5 ( Ex Feb ) will be the smartphone if you are looking for budget oriented device. It will come with Snapdragon 625 processor and 5.5" screen size. It will be cost around $250 and at that price it will be one of overall best smartphone available in market.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 (Ex March) It will have a 5.1-inch and will be fueled by a next generation Exynos/MediaTek or Snapdragon 830 processor combined with powerful 6GB RAM. The Android mobile phone runs on latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and will be available to purchase in 64 and 128GB storage options. The Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is set by MWC 2017 event and the Galaxy S8 expected price is $670 USD

Well the list will go on and ultimately you are the one, who will decide which smartphone will suite you best, and that will depend upon type of game you want to play, be it like Clash of clans, Candy crush or online roulette game.

The important part is what you should actually look out for.

The first thing that comes is Screen Size, and to be honest it matters the most, be it League of Legend, Hitman Go or any other game, that extra size screen will alway give you edge and more in depth information about environment. Most gamers prefer size over 5.5" depending upon their ease of there use.

Next thing in line is Processor, just like PC you can't tolerate if you stuck in middle of gameplay, for that there is valid trade off between price and processors. Processor Helio and snapdragon offer variety of models and smartphone manufacturer uses. You should choose it as per your requirement. But as per our opinion, always opt out for higher end as they provide best experience. 

You can also consider GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit)  as it accelerate the image output in a frame buffer intended for output to a display.  Check out GPU vs CPU 

Battery Life is also important part, when it comes to gaming. mostly smartphone with more than 3000mah battery are considered as decent ones, but if they come with fast charging then it is certainly add on.

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