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First Nokia 6 REVIEW IS IN!

Nokia 6 Display

I am sure most of you are burning with anticipation to know how Nokia 6 performs and does it live up to the legacy!My colleagues from China have already done the first review of Nokia 6, and we will assess on their thoughts.

You've probably heard lots and lots of speculations about the device, and here is where we break myths from facts!

First of all let's take a look at the packaging

Nokia 6 Box

Nokia 6 Box back

And now the contents of the box

Nokia 6 box contents

Inside you'll find a charger, standard USB cable , headphones and charger that supports fast-charging, but not Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0, but we'll get to that later.You also have a sim-pin and a Nokia manual.

The thing to note here is the choice of going with a plain old Micro USB cable, instead of the USB-C. The newer USB-C is 10 times faster, and can also charge your phone much quicker, hence why the phone doesn't support Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0, but a regular 2A/5V(fast charging).

My news source in China confirms that this is indeed the very good and corrosive resistant Aluminum 6000 series body!

Nokia 6 bottom

The body of the phone is very well made, a true testament to good build quality, however this is in-line with mid-range devices from Samsung, LG and Huawei. It does feel very good, but we have seen this before.

Front Fingerprint sensor and capacitive buttons on the side are also present, along with the 2.5 Gorilla Glass 3(not 5 which is the newest and best one)

Nokia 6 Fingerprint

In the last photo you can see that the build quality although very good, leaves a bit to be desired as there is a very, very thin gap form the glass and rim around the body.

The Display is indeed FHD and the device is running Android 7.0 out of the box

Nokia 6 UI 

All that being said it's a very simple look, that is not eye-catching, or has any special features.Just pretty much a stock Android 7.0 with a blue icon pack.

My colleagues say that general performance is pretty good, as the device has lots of RAM, but when you try to run the heaviest 3D games in high graphics there is plenty of lag, and that is to be expected from the Snapdragon 430.

Nokia 6 Antutu    

Antutu score is fine for a 150$ device, but for 300$(as it's trending right now) it's definitely not worth mentioning, since devices like the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime simply destroy it, and costs 100$ less.

The storage test is quite admirable and you'll definitely not feel any slowdowns when moving large files, or downloading apps and running others at the same time. On top of that you get 64GB Storage, so probably won't need an SD card.

Battery life is something that people are really looking forward to from Nokia 6!The tests concluded from my Chinese colleagues confirm two things!

First, battery life is very good, but not up to Snapdragon 625 powered Xiaomi Redmi 4 or Meizu M5 Note(both devices with 4000mAh battery and more efficient chips).You can get around 5hrs of Screen-On-Time on a single charge with heavy usage, but that is nothing spectacular today, just good.

Charging time for the device was also behind standards as the 3000mAh battery is not much, but the device takes just over 2 hours to charge from 0%-100%

Nokia 6 charging time

This is the charging time graph and on the left is the % charge and on the bottom is the time.

Now, let's talk about the camera.First, the interface looks uninspired to me, but that's nothing really important.

I believe Nokia were going for a more retro-style camera interface, which some people miss and love.
The Photos on the other hand look promising, however day shots lack a bit of detail and the background light is overblown, which in my book is not great  for a 300$/20000 Rs phone.

Nokia 6 photo Outdoors

Nokia 6 photo Outdoors 2

Night shots seem to be quite OK though, proving that probably with a software update, the camera can take better day shots

Nokia 6 night shot

Nokia 6 Night shot

Do keep in mind that these were taken with a TRIPOD, and they don't mention if it's on manual mode with a higher exposure time.What is confirmed though, is that THE CAMERA HAS NO OIS, JUST EIS(software stabilization).

To sum it up, the Nokia 6 looks like a fine device to have, but to me it doesn't appear to be competitive in all fronts bearing that heavier price tag. We are still looking forward to getting a device ourselves to test and see if my Chinese colleagues were accurate.

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