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Download and stream torrent online with

How many times have you tried to download a torrent file and found an attached virus or it have taken forever to download. Now, to solve that have come up with mindboggling solution. provides an easy and fast methort to download Torrent files to your system and even offers a way to stream that file online. File become easy to share and can be accessed from anywhere around globe. 

Through you can Download torrents in the cloud and stream them online.

How to Use is easy to use, all you need to do is paste the torrent to the search bar and everything else will be taken care by them, in just 10 min, you can experiance live streaming of 5GB sized movie in 1080p. 

Features of Cloud Torrent 

Safe Downloading of Torrent :
Most of the torrent file have virus, malware or spyware attached with them, with you can be essured no such files will be able to attack your system. It scan for virus online (Only is Paid Plans) and make sure your system always remain safe and sound. No one can see your IP address or any other information.

Speed Of Downloading  :
When it comes to speed of downloading, Bitport can sometimes take your breath away. It just goes and some torrents can be downloaded almost immediately. When all is finished, you can access all of your files in the cloud. From there, you can download or stream them to any of your devices, including smartphones and tablets.

No Extra tools/ softwares : 
With Bitport you don’t need to download any programmes, all you need is a common browser.No more annoying ads and complex torrent agents. Just a browser and its all done.

Pricing offers affordable plans to choose, varing from $5 to $15 per month. There is also a trial plan which you can try to test its speed and other functionalities. But we recommend, if you want then go for $10/per Month plan, as it is value for money.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely one of the most affordable and easy to use cloud torrent service available, speed and quality of service is also remarkable. we believe if you are looking to explore this domain, that is place from where you need to start. 

Rating : 4.5/5

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